It's strange to think

I'm sorry

It's strange to think

That though I sit here, alone,

I remember my promises to you

Like a thorn in my side it pierces my heart

Knowing that I can't keep them.

If you know me well enough

You will know that I had tried

I never want to hurt you

So that's why I may cry

As I take my life, with poorly equipped hands

And whisper that im sorry through pale blood clenched lands

I may sound selfish, when I ask for you forgiveness

And say that I am sorry though you'll probably not believe me

I didn't do this despite you

I did this for me, for a selfish sweet surrender

Though I know I've let you down

I can see that in your eyes even before I'd made up my mind

You were disappointed in me from the beginning to the end

So when I had tried so hard to please you

And nothing ive ever tried work

I decided to be selfish, the tears that you cry

Are my eternal sacrifices, I'm sorry for all the pain ive caused

Im sorry for the worry and the heartbreak

I'm sorry that you thought I never cared

Because the truth is I care too much about you

I can't stay on in a life I hate for one person

Or so I thought but just being your friend extended my life

I started to hope again but we both know where it came crashing down

So im sorry for the false pretences and all the lies

Im sorry for facets and hidden masks

Im sorry I made you care about me

And im sorry that I couldn't stay alive to see

I'm sorry I made you tell me everything

When I kept so much hidden from you

Im sorry that I lied and told you all the stories

When you knew they weren't true

Im sorry that I let you down

I'm sorry I hurt you

I'm sorry for even knowing you

As you would never had suffered otherwise

I'm sorry for being sorry

And im sorry for saying this

Im sorry for making it seem so easy

When it took me so long

Im sorry that I cant stay around long enough to hear your side

Im sorry that I can't stay to watch you smile one last time

Im sorry that I seem selfish

Im sorry you think i don't care

Im sorry that I never told you how I feel about you

I'm sorry for regretting all my relationship with you

Im sorry I wished it was so much more

Im sorry I never told you how I felt

I'm sorry for making you care more and more

Im sorry for making you worry

Because when the end is drawing near

I love you.