Every word you've ever breathed to me
Remains etched in the stone of my heart
And whenever I see that look in your eyes
I pray to God I can let myself love you too.

I'll never be good enough in my mind,
But somehow you look by it all and smile
As if I'm the one you want for all time
And I pray to God I will be.

In your arms, the world is right
And I don't need to think of anything
All I hear is the rhythmic breaths
And I pray to God I'll hear them forever.

Every night before I lay down
Beside the man I love so much
I kneel down and bow my head
And I pray to God you'll be mine.

I can love you, my own beloved,
I'll be the one for all of this lifetime
I'll hear your every breath and know
That God will make you mine one day.

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