This is a poem meant for third graders that I wrote for my Human Anatomy class. It's going in a book that we'll read aloud to them. It didn't have to rhyme, but that's just me. I think it's kinda cute :). It's all about the five senses. Who knows, maybe you'll learn something you didn't know! I certainly did. Enjoy!


P.S. I would like to apologize for the scrunched-up format. Fictionpress wouldn't let me space out the stanzas. Each stanza is four lines. You'll know when different things start rhyming. Also, a period generally marks the end of a stanza, but not always. Again, I'm sorry!

The day was warm,

The ocean was blue,

A starfish named Sammy,

Watched what no starfish knew.

All along the beach,

Like a two-legged steeple,

They played and they swarmed,

Those ten-thousand people.

They had a mouth and two eyes,

To taste and for seeing,

A nose, skin and ears,

For smell, touch, and hearing.

They walked all over,

They tasted and heard.

They listened to seashells,

And saw the flying of a bird.

"How do they do it?"

To herself Sammy asked,

"How do they see,

Do the things they are tasked?"

What Sammy didn't know,

Answers she couldn't predict,

She brought to her good friend,

The great barnacle Benedict.

"Starfish Sammy," he said,

"It's time your learning commences,

Of places and people,

And of their five senses.

We'll start with tasting,

The distinguishing of flavors,

Using that pink and red muscle,

The tongue, which savors.

Taste is a defense,

To determine dangerous and toxic food,

Which is detected by taste buds,

Little bumps in the mood.

Of these taste buds,

There are four different types,

Salt, bitter, sweet, and sour,

That extend into esophageal pipes.

The second sense is smell,

Where air flows through the nose.

It goes to the back of the throat,

Where olfactory organs sense odors like rose.

These odors get stuck in mucus,

Where sensory hairs sense the smell,

And send a signal to the brain,

Where it might ring a bell.

The third sense is sight,

Which uses two eyes,

Of varying colors,

And all shapes and size.

Light bounces from an object,

And into a pupil,

So seeing without light,

Will prove to be futile.

Light crosses the lens,

And the image gets focused,

Whether it's a polka-dotted cat,

Or a blue-shaded locust.

The object you're seeing

Flips upside down,

It shines on the retina,

At the back of your eyes in your crown.

Where photoreceptors,

Called rod and cone cells,

Help see sharp details,

And colors, it tells.

The optic nerve

Carries the picture you see,

Up to the brain,

Whether it's a dog, bug, or tree.

The brain turns the picture,

The right way up,

And tells you if you need,

To drop a hat or lift a cup."

"But why have two?"

Sammy wondered aloud,

As she watched them play,

On a beach in the crowd.

"It increases their vision,"

The barnacle replied.

"It helps them judge depth,

And see from every side.

The fourth sense is one

That uses the ear,

It's that of sound,

And the things that we hear.

In the outer ear,

Sounds are collected,

And sent to an ear canal,

Where three bones are connected.

This is the ear drum,

Where it makes sounds louder,

So it makes no sense,

When someone's a shouter.

Receptor cells here,

Are like tiny hairs,

The information one receives,

To a nerve it shares.

As a nerve impulse,

The message is sent,

To the auditory nerve,

Then the brain, as is meant.

The brain then gives

Meaning to the sound,

And 'cause there are two ears,

It knows where it's around.

The last sense is touch,

Through the use of the skin,

And it helps control heat,"

He added with a grin.

"Receptors are located

Around your skin in groups,

They look a lot,

Like onion loops.

When these are squeezed,

The layers will rub,

And let you know,

If you're touching a grub.

An electric nerve impulse,

Is sent to the brain,

Which is how you can tell,

If something's in pain.

That's also how you know,

If you're cold or hot,

And if the temperature raises,

Impulses go up a lot.

Sweat glands in the skin,

Activate to cool the body,

As sweat evaporates,

The job is not shoddy.

When the body gets cold,

It warms up in pieces.

It starts to shiver,

And blood flow increases.

And that concludes,

Our lesson today."

The barnacle finished,

And went on his way.

So now Sammy knew,

She now had the key,

To a person's five senses,

So she went back to sea.

The end!