Make the Most of It


Sleepless nights come and go,

And the memories fade to gray.

But the sun always sets to rising

And makes me face another day.

And whether or not I want to,

Or whether or not I think I can,

I always wake up, spiteful maybe,

But knowing I'm strong enough to stand.

Time doesn't stop, and it never will;

I've learned this through my pain.

But I know I can't let it stop me, because

I've everything to lose, and not a thing to gain

From sitting around being depressed about

All the things I'm powerless to change.

So instead I've decided to make the most of

All the things held within my range:

The little things that make time fly,

Like friends, school, life.

All those little things that remind me

Of how much I'm grateful for just being alive.

Sure, the times get hard and some days

I just want to crawl under a rock to die.

But, as I've said, I've learned that

Appreciating the little things makes time fly.

Don't take things for granted because

One day everything might be gone,

And don't hold on too tightly because

Some times things are just too far gone.

Instead, live life in the moment, in the now;

Take it with a grain of salt, a splash of lime,

Because the only thing we all have in common

Is that we're all running out of time.

So live and let live, and enjoy what you've got

And know things you're missing will come back,

Because to live in misery from the waiting

Just steals something you'll never get back.


So make the most of it.
Every second you're given.


L. Kantenseter