Hi All! Just a poem I can up with when I was extreamly bored...So please be nice and at least review! Keep smiling LoSt ReMeDy

Feeling so happy and full of joy,
Always playing with fragile toys,
Remembering when I was little,
Being so small and brittle,
But nothing could get in my way,
Never felt angry, sad or grey,
I still act so stupid and silly,
I still run around in the mud,
Life is so fun and bliss,
And I'll tell you something,
I'll never miss,
The way my town will never change,
How no one is ever full of rage,
How everyone knows each other,
How all the guys act like brothers,
How the girl won't gossip and fight,
How everyone respects other rights,
And when I stared to remember,
My finest time,
I remembered this was all a rhyme.