Running in the rain,

Running in the rain,

Getting wet,

Playing heaps of games,

Hide and seek,

Every Monday,

After school,

Till every Sunday,

After sport,

We have heaps of fun,

Every day

And we always run,

Like idiots,

Like we were five years old,

But more responsible,

Even though we are getting older,

We don't care

We play pranks around the streets,

Everyone laughs,

But we were nice and always get treats,

The lollies are yummy,

My group of friends are the best,

There's none like them,

They never seem too stressed,

Hardly ever angry,

We smile and laugh,

At everything,

We tease the school staff,

They don't like us,

We are always told to grow up,

What's the fun in that?

But what will happen when we do grow up,

We can never go back,

So instead we chant and yell

Make heaps of noise,

And live on happy and free,