I'm Not Her

Chapter 3

Dammit, riding a horse hurt. Yeah, I took a riding course, and yeah, I was good at it, but in no way was I prepared for a ride like this. Every time the horse landed I ended up falling painfully back into the saddle. I tried to copy how Arrow-boy was riding but it didn't work out so well. I just knew my ass was going to be one big bruise after this.

We were still flying through the trees, the sound of the horses echoing off the trees around us. It sounded like they were right on our tail. I had to suppress the urge to look over my shoulder half I dozen times. I just knew the second I did a tree branch would take me out while my back was turned. So I focused on the rider in front of me, not even having to direct my horse because it was already following the other one.

She - or he - was a beautiful animal. I had no doubt she could really tear out if allowed to run on flat ground. As it were I could feel her struggling against my hold, trying run faster. I would let her too, if I wasn't so afraid she'd smash us into a tree.

There was a sharp cracking sound, and the tree in front of me grew an arrow. Dear Lord. This really is happening. I'm so not dreaming. People are shooting sharp, pointy sticks at me!

For some reason a part of me wanted to scream like those women in horror movies, but I didn't think my lungs could handle it. I guess some distant part of me thought this was really hilarious- me and Arrow-boy (I really need a better name for him) riding for our lives through the woods- even though I'm pretty sure someone just shot an arrow at me.

The horse careened sideways, following the other one like a shadow, and for a short moment I could see the guys chasing us. They were big, muscular men, maybe some women, sitting in their saddles like a bunch of rocks. Their horses weren't much better, being big, barrell-chested beasts with small heads, and short legs. I wondered why they were so different from the two me and the other guy rode, ours being tall and slender. Then my moment was gone and I turned back around, always aware of that afore mentioned tree limb.

The trees began to thin, and finally ended all together. We burst into sunlight, the horses getting faster and faster, until I felt like I was riding a race car. The hoof-beats faded, then stoped. I barely had the courage to look back, but I knew I had to see if we were still being followed.

A stray arrow cut a line of fire across my face and I nearly screamed. It wasn't so much as it hurt, as the fact that if I hadn't moved when I did I'd probably have a friggen arrow sticking out of the back of my head.

Ahead of me the other guy let out a whoop, raising his left arm above his head and letting the horse run flat out. My horse tugged at the bit, wanting to catch up to the other. I let go of the reins and nearly fell off the back.

We moved so fast the world was a blur. For all that I couldn't breath too well, it was amazing. It felt like we were flying.

The noise behind us faded, then died. I turned in the saddle. I had to know if they were still following or not.

Which turned out to be a mistake. A dull thud resonated through my chest a second before a blinding flash of pain. I screamed and slumped forward, resting my head against the horse's neck.

Oh God. It hurt. My lungs felt seared at every breath they pulled in. My chest felt constricted, and my vision swam. The world went black around the edges, then faded completely.

Ryan: For those of you who've seen Prince Caspian, what did I warn about tree limbs, huh? They come out of no where.

BlackRage: Hmm. Not as long as the one before it, but I had to update it. Thank you my two sweet reviewers. I wouldn't have hurried without you!