I decided I want you, now I know it's need.

a/n: Basically, just a string of thoughts.
(I should've been sleeping.)


Something floats in my head
but I can't grasp it
it's just out of my reach
just beyond my fingertips

whatever I can think of
I can't write
my thoughts can't become
my actions

my actions will not become
the impurities my thoughts are
my thoughts are impulsive
my actions cannot be

my feelings can't change,
can't be molded to whatever possible
I refuse to believe in "global warming"
or whatever else they throw at me

a lack of "poetic devices"
would suggest I'm lacking mentally
a lack of inspiration
would suggest I'm lacking poetic devices

my clock says it's late
but I'm refusing to believe it
I will lose my precious hours of sleep
to instead feel hunger, need, pain

lines on paper
mean nothing to me
my pencil flows
wherever it wants

lines are just reference,
a way to distract me
from these immoral thoughts

a/n: I'm going to scan this one and upload the image to my Photobucket account. Check my profile for a link if you're interested; I think it actually looks much more interesting when you see it in my handwriting with the heart in the middle instead of just in this text.