Chapter 3: The Healing

Sam woke to the sound of beating drums and chanting along with the smell of smoke and various herbs.

She began feeling around for Ash, only to find that he was no longer by her side. At this she opened her eyes and made to sit up, but before she could manage all this a pair of hands on her shoulder urged her to lie back down.

As she moved to lie down, she saw a woman, with warm eyes that stood above her, and; she also noticed that there was another Mohican man in the room, who was walking around with some kind of pipe and blowing smoke everywhere around her, Sam could only imagine that this was the healer of the people. She tried to look and see where the drums were coming from and she saw that there were two other men banging on drums.

The healer walked down to her feet and gently, ever so carefully, so as not to hurt her, rolled her jeans up until her calves. He took a bowl which was lying near by, and began chanting something which Sam could not begin to understand.

As the healer kept on chanting he dipped his hands into the bowl and then carefully smeared a solvent on Sam's leg. The man then stopped, wrapped his hands around her ankle, closed his eyes and chanted the same thing slowly three successive times.

He then proceeded to pick up his pipe, and, taking a long drag, moved up to Sam's head and blew the smoke in her face.

Sam began to feel groggy and her eyes began to close as she lay back down on the furs, and darkness took her once more. Vaguely she heard the chanting and the drums stop as she slipped into the realm of dreams.

Charles walked back into the lodge just in time to see the healer finish the ceremony and treating Sam.

The healer having spotted Charles, walked over to him; and, taking a deep breath began to speak: "I have placed a herbal blend on her ankle. Leave it in the open for now, but when she wakes wrap the ankle in the eucalyptus leaves and bandages," Healer said, and in finishing he placed a hand on Charles' shoulder "and if the spirits are with her, she will be able to walk tomorrow."

"I thank you Wise One, for all you have done," Charles said as he bowed his head in respect to the elder man.

The Healer smiled at Charles and proceeded to walk out of the hut, so as to continue with other things that he had to take care of.

Charles waiter for the Healer to leave, before he walked over to Sam and began his vigil.