Track 07

Track 07


"You'll write all about your dates with Ashton." Ha-ha. Right, as if I'll write every damned detail here, right. What do I even have to write here anyway? What if I'll lose this stupid diary and some freaking dude will find it? Then everyone will know everything about me and Ashton. Even the fact, that he smokes at least five times a day. Oops. I'll seriously have to eat this diary… after I ramble my life out. I mean, I live, eat, drink Layla. The freaky thing is that many people don't seem to understand my addiction towards her songs. No, they call me crazy and insane, because I can yell 'Layla is immortal' to the whole school and I won't go red.

Or that I'll call a person who he is, straight to the face. Not to mention I can kick any person or punch. Yes, I fight. I even get damned detention every single time, because all of the freaking teachers are like: 'Agyness, shame on you, you're a girl.'

Yeah I'm a girl, but hell, if I'm a female, why the hell should I listen to Aguilera, wear lip gloss, tiny tops, high heels and cry if my stupid jock boyfriend will dump me.

Thank God, my boyfriend is not a jock. He's just a Muse addict and smokes. Not to mention, that he is heels over me. Yup, that's Ashton. My love. My life. My Ashton. Plus he knows, that if I'll ever catch him with anyone else, he'll be in hell, way before the date on his forehead labeled next to 'best before'.

Next, I listen to Layla. LAYLA. Yes, THE LAYLA. She's one and only. There is no other Layla. There is no other insane rock goddess who dyed her hair every single week another colour, yet her curls were always there. Layla is amazing; all of her songs are like a bible to me. I mean, she's got the answer to every damned question or pathetic situation. About cosmetics, I do not wear that 'cute light pink lip gloss, which the queen bee wears 27/7'. If I wear anything, that's eyeliner or dye my face white. It was this insane idea of mine to freak out the teachers the third of April, since the first was Saturday. What? It worked they let us go home. I mean me, Ashton and Lindsay.

You know how kids go around yelling 'she's my best friend!' well, that's what I can say about her. Then Ashton found his way to us, by saying, that Layla isn't bad and that blonde hair is evil.

Lindsay and Ashton aren't big Layla fans, but they find her songs awesome.

God, I can't believe I just wrote something here. You, my dear beloved diary are going under my bed, so I'll be able to forget about you.

Lindsay, couldn't you have just bought me something Layla based?


Claudia: This is just the prologue, so that you'll get Agyness reaction to Lindsay's gift. I hope you liked it. :)