Track 02

Track 02

Great, simply great. He's this annoying freak. I'd never believe that he was Layla's son if he didn't have the same eye colour. Ashton said that they had the same music classes last year. He says he's this good acoustic guitarist, but he seems like a simple freak to me. Seriously, even by glancing at him. Plus he stares at me like this psychotic girl which ran away from the hospital. I mean, there's nothing wrong with my chin length purple hair. Layla had her hair like that in the tour after she released my favorite album. Layla's hair was always different every tour, different colour, different style. It was as if it was a new Layla every time.

Luke was completely opposite to her. Layla's outfits were always bright, amazing and totally breathtaking. Luke was simply wearing a plain white shirt, plain black pants and the matching black tie. I guess he decided not to strike against the school rules, like me, Ashton and Lindsay.

Ashton's style was simple. No light colours and white is the source of all evil. He simply wore dark blue, black, dark green, dark brown and everything like that.

Lindsay had this so-called semi-official style, but never wore the uniform. The teachers could stand her plain skirts or hand coloured jeans. I always liked her docs with flowers on them, since mine held another less interesting pattern.

I stared at Luke walk up to me next morning grinning from ear to ear. He even had a badge with the school's logo or something like that. I stared at the stupid badge, which more likely my cat ate. Seriously, my cat eats anything. When I was a kid I fed her my Barbie. She didn't eat the hair, but still, the body was eaten.

"Hey, Agyness." Mr. Colgate said, grinning even more. He fixed his glasses, which were about to fall off his nose. I rolled my eyes, causing him to simply smile. Sadly, his locker was near mine and he searched for the right text book in his locker.

Ashton and Lindsay said that it was cool. As if he'd invite me home and show me all of his Layla based stuff? It's not like he'll give them to me.

"Hey, Luke." I said rather bored and wondered where the hell where Ashton and Lindsay. I'd surely kill them for leaving me with this freak, Layla's son or not. I don't know why, but I was starting to regret this idea. I stuffed somewhere like six textbooks into my backpack. Luke noticed that they weren't exactly light.

"Hey, I can take them." Luke smiled, grabbing my backpack before I could protest. I stared at him, holding myself from swearing. What the hell was that idiot doing? I tried to grab them back, but Luke simply protested. He even ignored the fact, that I had a boyfriend, which I loved.

"You got a boyfriend?" He asked, as he managed to find out my next class, which was double algebra. As I gave up trying to grab my bag I noticed Lindsay and Ashton show up.

"Yes." I managed to hiss quickly, as I noticed two familiar and loved figures approach us.

Ashton had an unlit cig between his lips, slightly chewing on the tip. Lindsay was telling about something, before her gaze fell on my black backpack, which Luke held. My black backpack was rather hard to forget since it had hand made words scribbled on it with tons of Layla's badges.

"Good morning, I missed something?" Lindsay asked a bit surprised, as he she kept glancing at me and Luke. I hated that dyed idiot. I blushed looking at a surprised Ashton, then I nearly got a shock, when he smiled.

"Hey, Luke." Ashton smiled even more, looking at my backpack, which he held. I'll definitely take a katana and stab Luke. While Luke was grinning and saying some geeky greeting to Ashton, I managed to get hold of my backpack.

"Agyness, I can take it. It's really heavy." He said trying to take it back from me. I wanted to tell him everything, but an image of Layla appeared in my head. That t-shirt, God, I wanted it so much. Ashton stared a bit dazed and Lindsay caught my 'save me' look.

"Kid, she kicks well. Leave her alone." Lindsay said darkly. Her hazel eyes glared at Luke, causing him to drop his hand and shut up. Seriously, Lindsay, that was a bit too much. Ashton couldn't stop glancing from Luke to Lindsay to me and back. He truly didn't even have a hint what was going on.

"Um, yeah. Agyness, Ashton, see-you guys." Luke said with a nod, realizing, that he was the odd one out. I gave out an exhausted sigh. I threw my arms around Ashton, which simply looked at the walking away Luke, who was certainly still in a deep daze.

"What the hell is going on?" He said slowly, as he hugged me back, not switching his gaze of Luke, who was waiting near the history classroom. Lindsay rolled her eyes annoyed. I guess she already made a tragic love story going on between me and Luke. Ew.

"Before you all say anything. That freak is Luke Skolar-" I said quickly, but not enough quickly to be interrupted by Ashton, who was having a bit of a jealousy attack.

"He's heels over you-" Ashton said that, getting interrupted by Lindsay.

"He has no style and he's freaky-" She said to be interrupted by me.

"Luke Skolar is Layla's son!" I said nearly yelling the first part of sentence, since I didn't want some silent Layla fans to get to him first. I found it out and it was my t-shirt. It had been waiting for me all along. Ashton let go of me and looked at me, then at Lindsay, who was dazed too.

"God! Then this is good! This is easier then. Why didn't you say before? Oh, right." Lindsay said remembering yesterday, when they both sat watching a marathon about Kurt Cobain. Ashton simply tried to glue pieces together, as he glanced from while to while at Lindsay. I didn't stand yesterday and went home since seven hours of Kurt was too much for me.

"Anyway, being the slight nerd he is, you can easily pretend. I mean, act like you like him." Ashton shrugged, finally showing a smile. I smiled back, like an idiot, not listening to him. Love sucks sometimes, really.

"There. Problem solved. You two will have to stop kissing in front of him, then." Lindsay said happily. I didn't understand the reasons of her being so hyper and still don't. But at least I understood their brilliant idea. WHAT?! I stared at them in pure shock. What the hell were they even thinking?

"Look, Agyness, we'll just pretend we're not a couple, so you can get the t-shirt. It'll be easier, since he has the hotts for you." Ashton said simply, like it was no problem. Right, to him it wasn't, but to me it was. It was the thing, which kept me going in the morning, school was hell, but that kiss was like a small saviour. It was like a couple of coffee for some, before a long hell of a day.

"It won't be longer than a month, don't worry." Lindsay smiled. ARE THEY GOING AGAINST ME OR SOMETHING?! Hell, yes, I want that t-shirt, but I don't want to be single for a while due to that. Layla, why couldn't you simply give it to my parents, while you were alive? Ok, my parents never liked your music, but still.

"Agyness, it's ok, look, I understand. There's just no other way of getting it, look clearly. You can't simply walk up to him and say 'gimme Layla's t-shirt'." Ashton said patting my head. I simply blinked. I felt like a kiddo, whose teacher told that the earth is round. Seriously, I've never felt in a daze before. I turned to look at Luke. He was talking to some other nerd, but a grin never left his face. Layla's son turned his head towards me and waved at me, grinning. He laughed and blushed at his friends comment, as he glanced at me.

"Wave back, Agyness." Lindsay whispered. There was no need to whisper, but she still did. I didn't even glance at them. I wasn't betraying Ashton, I loved him with all my heart. I was doing this for the t-shirt, he knew that, it was his idea. There was nothing to be afraid of. I simply waved back and even managed to give out a crooked smile, causing Luke to grin even more.


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