AN: The name is kinda lame but its only there for lack of another idea at this present time. This was just a random story idea that popped into my head when thinking about good things to do during Summer :P... Constructive criticism is very much appreciated but please dont write stupid things like "i hate your story it sucks" if you think it sucks tell me what you think I need to change, the plot, the grammar etc... xoxo Sarah J.


A cool breeze brushed against my face as I turned towards the scenery that was unfolding outside the open window. The sun was setting above the glistening blue ocean turning the clouds dreamy shades of purple, gold, pink and orange. As much as I adored this scenery and wished I could take a photograph of it I knew I couldn't let even the tiniest speck of joy show on my face or my mother would notice and think I was happy to be going to this stupid forsaken camp. I didn't want to be here on this stupid two hour tip, heading off to an equally stupid destination. I loathed this place.

This place is known as "Calamatter Beach Camp" (the town is called Calamatter...duh it's a no-brainer) and as the pamphlet said it's just a bunch of shabby old deteriorating cabins about a five minute walk from the beach. Whoop-de-freaking-do. Apparently it will be truckloads of fun, I'll make heaps of great friends and get to do lots of beach activities. What ever. This "description" practically boils down to hanging around with a bunch of losers, getting sunburnt and having to listen to staff who are obviously about as creative as a potato to think up a name like Calamatter beach camp. According to my ice queen of a mother any normal sixteen year old girl would kill for the chance to come here but I on the other hand would kill just to get out of going here.

"Ugghh Sienna Aubrey, you're just more trouble than your worth," grunted my mother in a very un-queen like manor. But the icy tone was still perfectly intact. Bravo... not.

Unfortunately I already know what that phrase means and it's basically my mother's outtake on the phrase 'Sienna why can't you be more like your sister'. My sister Isabella is the epitome of the perfect daughter. Isabella is beautiful with long shining black hair (mines blonde) and sky blue eyes (that are exactly the same as mine). She is popular, beautiful and averagely smart but she has the personality of a piece of broccoli and is the most self obsessed person I have ever met. I am continuously told that I should look up to her but what ice queen really means is I should act like her and be her freaking clone. I don't want to be her clone.

Isabella and I might be the same in some aspects, we're both extremely popular, we have the same last name and the same eyes but we have completely different personalities. At school I am treated like a queen. Everyone adores me – except my mother. My sister on the other hand is the popular girl who steals your boyfriend, starts the rumours and insults anything that moves. She's a wolf in sheep's clothing, a beautiful girl whose evil inside. But my mother worships her. So my question is how is it that Isabella is horrible and mean but the ice queen loves her? And how is it that I am popular and nice but the ice queen basically wishes I was never born?

This trip all began, and believe me it had a definite beginning. This all started when Isabella came home from her university dorm, for the summer holidays. The university is only a fifteen minute drive from our house but apparently it's more 'convenient' to live in a cramped Uni dorm than stay in our spacious mansion and its not like the ice-queen hates her, the ice queen spoils her. Isabella's excuse is about as real and truthful as the ice queens face which has gone through many a plastic surgery session. But I know the real reason for her interest in the dorms. As the only convenience Isabella would get out of this would be to sleep over in her boyfriend's room and trust me they're not going to be playing scrabble up there if you know what I mean.

Anyway I should get back on track. It began when Isabella came home for the holidays and immediately decided that she didn't want me hanging around. Not that she would ever notice it anyway she never pays attention to anyone but the ice-queen or herself. I think her exact words were "You need to find somewhere else to stay you brat because I don't want you here in this house," I felt like screaming my head off at her and that screaming would be mainly curse words (which isn't all that uncommon). Damn it. Aren't I the one who lives here in this house Miss -freaking- Convenient?

Unfortunately the ice queen thinks that Isabella is the most perfect person in the world and could do no wrong, so she mistook the pamphlets for the camp and the -cough-'subtle'-cough- hints as an act of loving and kindness. Isabella wouldn't know kind if it bit her in the backside (She's evil through and through but what makes it worse is that she's beautiful and if you're beautiful it doesn't matter what kind of horridness you dish out because at least someone will like you). On seeing the pamphlets and hearing Isabella rave on about how fantastic an opportunity this would be for me the ice queen decided that this was exactly what I needed. Like it or not and in this case the answer was a big, fat, ugly not.

The I-pod earphones that had previously been implanted in my ears, to block out the annoying chatter the ice queen would most likely burst out with, flew out of my ears as car crashed to a stop in front of a strangely new looking building. What a boring waste of time... with those two hours and the next six -freaking- weeks I could be doing anything I wanted to.

"We're here," sung the ice queen with a smile plastered on her heavily botoxed face.

"Yay! I'm just so glad," I snarled sarcastically back but, alas, my sarcasm was lost on the ice queen, who smiled and trilled back "That's so great you're looking forward to it," in her high pitch voice.

I grabbed my designer bags out from the back of the ice-queens porsche and trudged down to the hell-hole I would call my home for the next few weeks...