This is the first story I've written..I wrote it almost a year ago, at the time I was worrying about having to study Chemistry..I got inspiration from the detective stories I'm reading and of the anime Detective Conan..


A Strange Rumor

Friday afternoon, even though the sun is just starting to set, only a few number of students, teachers and staff are left in the school. Mr. Willis, the school janitor, is watering the plants near the Science Bldg. He is struggling to finish his job before darkness came. Suddenly he heard a loud scream.


He tried to find where it came from but in a big university like this, it's almost impossible.

It was Monday morning and every student is now busy getting ready for school. Of course everyone is excited for their school activities after two days of vacation - except one.

Dylan Aiken is walking along with the other students. He's head is sunk low. And his green eyes look straight down at the path.

"Wake up, sleepyhead! It's early in the morning", a girl raises Dylan's chin as she show him a bright smile.

"I'm fine." turning his head on the other direction hiding his face. He tried to cover his smile. He was happy to see her

but he tries to hide it from her. "I'm not a sleepyhead, it's just boring to go to school."

"Boring? What's boring in the world history? Or even in Chemistry? You're just thinking it. Besides, you must look on the bright side. Life is more boring without work." she's now staring to the sky with her brown eyes.

Dylan just stares at her. He's already used to statements like this. She was known to be very optimistic. Every morning, she would scatter sunshine to his gloomy life. And just by that she would make him feel happy – not just temporary but permanently, not just on the outside but also in the inside.

By this time they have reached the gate. Suddenly the bell rings.

"What? We're late. I thought it's only 6:45 in the morning," Courtney said glancing at her watch.

"C'mon now. We have no time for chit-chat.", Dylan grab her on the hand as he lead her the way.

"Abler, James..."

"Present sir!"

"Aiken, Dylan…."

The teacher got no response.

"Aiken, Dylan…." Mr. Smith repeated with annoyance.

"Dylan, Dylan." Courtney whispered.

"Yes, sir", Dylan replied when he heard Courtney's whispers.

"Next time try to pay attention!" responds his blonde male teacher.

"You were daydreaming again, aren't you?", Courtney said with a teasing smile. I'm not daydreaming! , he thought.

Actually he was thinking. He was all sucked up in his thinking that he hardly understands what Mr. Smith, their bearded Chemistry teacher, is teaching them. The last case he encountered yesterday was not different than the others. But there are some points which he carefully commits to memory. Dylan Aiken was well-known in his school for his amazing deductive reasoning. Actually he is known not only in his school but in the whole district. He is known to have solved all the cases put to him. Everybody admires him for being a great detective at his young age.

But Courtney never saw me in action. I wonder how she would react. He thought as she looks at her. Courtney has the same brown hair like Dylan. And she carefully takes care of her body which is admired by girls her age. Her innocent face shows contentment and peace which even Dylan can't decipher why.


"Alright tomorrow we will have a short quiz about the lesson we tackled. And don't forget your project. Deadline is tomorrow." said Mr. Smith as the students stand to leave the room.

As Dylan and Courtney approached the door, Mr. Smith calls the attention of the young man. Mr. Smith, their Chemistry teacher, is a friendly person and he considers himself a reasonable fellow. So Dylan was not surprise when he starts talking about how he behaves in his classes.

"I know, Dylan, that the school year was about to end. But I want to remind you that there are still a few days left before your periodic exam so please try to pay attention to your classes." He said with a concerned tone and look. "You may go now."

Dylan and Courtney continue walking down the aisle until they reach a corner where the cafeteria is.

"Oh look it's the detective!" a varsity student whispered to another one.

"Hey, have I already told you that he just solved another case last night?", whispered another. Or sometimes he would hear.

"Oh he's really cute!" whispered another girl.

It was always like that. He could hear them whispering about him. But what could he do. They are getting in my nerves. He thought.

"Courtney! Dylan! Hey, what's up?" cried Brianna, one of Courtney's friends, as she motioned them to sit beside her. "I heard that you just solved another case last night!" she said as she looks at Dylan.

"News here sure travels fast." Dylan replied.

"So that's why you feel sleepy. Why didn't you told me so I would -", Courtney was distracted by a varsity student who just sat down beside her.

"Good morning!" he said with a smile looking to Courtney. "How are you?"

"Dave! I didn't notice you coming!" said Courtney with a surprise look. She looks down, feeling kind of embarrass.

Is she blushing? Dylan thought as she looks at Courtney with a puzzled face. He was very sure of this, being observant in nature.

"Courtney's blushing!" Brianna said, pointing at Courtney with a teasing tone. Courtney continues staring at her foods.

"You didn't answer much of my messages so I thought you were sick or what." Dave continued with a little laugh. Dave was one of their classmates and he's been courting Courtney for two weeks now. "Oh I almost forgot! Do you already have a partner for our project in Chemistry?" he added.

"I –" Courtney was about to answer when suddenly-

"I am her partner." Dylan said. Courtney looks at him puzzlingly.

"Oh I see. I never thought that –." Dave pauses. "So I heard that you just solved another case last night. Was it tough?" Dave suddenly changes the topic.

"Nothing out of the ordinary. I'm sure you already heard the details." Dave replied as he eats the last piece of his chips. "So how are you doing?" he asked.

"I heard that your team just won against the East High.", Courtney said with an impressed look.

"Oh yes! Actually our team considered our winning as a big achievement for every one of us. East High is one of the toughest team in the competition so we did all our best to beat them." Dave answered with excitement. "I am glad that you heard about it.", he continued with a smile.

"Of course a member of the school newspaper must know something about what's really going on in the school." answered Brianna as she puts a spoonful of salad in her mouth.

And she didn't even know what I did last night! , Dylan thought.

"Oh I must go now! I'm already late for our practice." Dave excuse himself. He stands and started to leave the table.

"Can I go there later to have an interview about your last game?" Courtney asked.

"Sure! Be my guest.", replied Dave looking kind of surprise.

When Courtney was seated again at her seat, Brianna starts to tease her. "Are you sure you will just go there to interview the basketball team or to just have an excuse in seeing Dave again?"

"Huh? What are you talking about?" I never thought much about him." she defended.

"What? Are you insane?" Brianna cried.

"Could you please keep it down? That kind of relationship is not yet on my mind." Courtney whispered. When she noticed that Dylan was finished eating his meal she drank the last of her juice and stands.

"We should go now. See you later Brie'." she said.

Going to the library is one of the habits of Dylan and

Courtney. Usually after classes, they would spend most of their time there. Dylan usually thinks of his cases while Courtney searches for her topics in the school paper. Both of them also share the same interest in books.

"Dylan, I just finished my report. I will just visit the basketball team in the gymnasium for my interview. Is it okay if I would leave you for a while?" Courtney asked as she cleared some of her things.

"Sure." Dylan said as he reads a book and acting like he isn't paying much attention.

"About our project in chemistry, I will wait for you at the chemistry room in 1 hour. Is that okay?" Courtney continued.

"Yup." Dylan replied.

When Courtney left, his attention was caught by a group of girls whispering at the other table.

"Have you heard the latest about Mr. Smith?" said one.

"No, I haven't."

"Well rumors around here tell that Mr. Smith is a maniac."

"What? How come?" another answered.

Dylan raised an eyebrow.

"Other witnessed that Mr. Smith have been harassing more than one student here." continued the other.

"What do you think of that, Vangie? Aren't you and Mr. Smith friends? He's your favorite teacher, isn't he?" asked the first girl to another.

The speaker looks at a girl who is quietly sitting at the table beside the others. "I don't know anything about that. Why are you asking me? Besides those kinds of rumors are only made by people who are tired of their useless lives." she angrily answered while she hastily leaves the table. But to Dylan she looks like she's going to cry.

"What's her problem?" asked the first girl. "She's not like that before."

"Maybe she's just hurt to this whole business about Mr. Smith." answered the third girl.

That isn't enough for her to act like that. Wait a minute! I know her. She's in the honor roll of her section. Evangeline Montez of class 2. I thought she's nice and cheerful. At least that's what they used to say. Dylan thought as he grumbled upon the time. It's still 4:35 at the library's clock. I wonder what Courtney's doing right now.

..Laus Deo..