Nobody's gain

"I'm sorry for her. I never thought that this could happen." Courtney said. The moon and the stars are shining bright that night as Dylan and Courtney walk home. "I wonder why she didn't just tell it to the police than commit a murder."

"Mr. Smith probably frightened her that he would do something bad like telling the police that she's just a liar. Or he could even stop her from passing Chemistry. Evangeline is an outstanding student and the thought of those consequences would frighten her." Dylan concluded as

he looks at the night sky.

The breeze was cold but it was refreshing for the couple. The moon was shining brightly at a pool beside them. The buildings, not far from them, are already alive as the nightlife of the city starts.

As they were about to cross a bridge, Courtney said, "Don't you feel bad for such events. I mean, you always encounter such scene, haven't you think that in this kind of situation there is no winner and everybody involve are losers"

Dylan looks at her surprisingly. "There's no winner but everybody involve are losers?" he repeated.

"Yes. Think about it. Mr. Smith did something wrong to Evangeline. Evangeline killed Mr. Smith. He died. Evangeline was imprisoned." Courtney narrated.

"At least Mr. Smith got his justice." Dylan said

"No, you don't understand!" Courtney said "What I mean is that even though Evangeline is imprison, nobody gains anything. Yes Evangeline suffers in jail but he wouldn't know it. He's gone, not knowing what could have happened to his wife or his children. The results of such crime are dead people, destroyed lives, left behind-loved ones, another prisoner and sometimes a loose psycho."

"Nobody gains anything?" Dylan was sunk deep into his thoughts.

There was a very long moment of silence as they stare at the water looking at the reflection of the moon.

As soon as he reached home, Dylan prepared to sleep. All of this only result to destroyed lives - Dylan repeated as he lay at his bed wearing his pajamas. for the victim and the suspect and even their families. He stares at the ceiling of his room. But if this is what God wants. He said as he closes his eyes.

Next morning, every student gathered around as they read the latest copy of the school's paper.

Mr. Smith killed by own student.

Everybody mourns for the death of one of the greatest teacher our school will ever have.

By Courtney Nicholson

One of the students was Courtney. She looks at the result of her efforts as she wondered about what she witnessed. It was indeed a thrilling experience. I wish - . She stares at one of the paper thinking that this work could have been:

The Great Detective has done it again.

By Courtney Nicholson

..Laus Deo..

This is the first story -about mysteries and detective stories- that ever came up to me almost a year ago..Love to hear from all of you..I'm open for anything..Thanks for reading..