Around fourth period that day Kissa got fed up and skipped class, it was only art class; no one would miss her during this per

Around fourth period that day Kissa got fed up and skipped class, it was only art class; no one would miss her during this period and the teacher didn't really expect her to stick around, not with her history. And to be quite honest the professor her handled her art class would rather her not show up to class at all than come and wander off.

So she did what he would prefer her to do, just wonder off without even checking in. She was a returning student, so they new her trend and new where to look if they needed her, and it wasn't like she was going far. She was one of the house of Phoenix, which meant she was bound to the grounds by rights.

It is said that those of the House of Phoenix have a harder time sneaking off grounds due to the fact that they can't lie as well as the others. They have a duty as being the righteous ones and yet jealousy is a common attribute to them along with the rest of the houses.

The story of the Dragons was a simple one, and yet it became so complicated. The way they died, the way the Phoenix managed to capture their decrepit powers and in turn seal his own away with the rest. The way that their gift turned into one of a curse; It had been a long time since that happened and yet their story still awaits its next chapter when some fool will unleash their now cursed strengths upon the world.

But in knowing all of this, and in being one from the house of the Phoenix she in turn wandered over to the back forest just after the outward grounds. She stayed on property mind you, just not in sight.

Kissa had now been in this school for an easy three years and nothing had changed yet. She was still as she ever was, she wasn't cured, and she couldn't escape it. No amount of running would get her far enough. To her demise though she arrived at what she thought to be her secret hide out; a clearing that was placed after a very thin and rickety pile of stones held together by wire fencing pathway, along the heavily flowing creek; only to find Shandi sitting there perched up in the tree.

"Hello, Kissa was it?" she asked, not bothering to turn or even open her eyes from where she lay along a branch running into the stump of an old weeping willow.

"Yeah, Shandi right? How'd you find this place?"

"Yes, and simple, I've been here before. Not for school mind you, but I have been here before. It's beautiful isn't it? The way the water sits still only at this clearing and then flows like a reckless emotion on either side going in and out of the pool."

"Riight. So, are you skipping class?" Kissa said as she rolled her eyes and took up a seat at the stump of the tree.

"No, I'm just pretending I don't have class. What's your excuse?" she asked as she swing down hanging from the branch by her legs.

Kissa just looked up when she heard the light creaking of the tree as Shandi's head peered down in front of hers. "Just straight out skipping. No games necessary."

"Awe, well there goes all the fun!" Shandi cried as she let herself slip from the branch to land in a handstand position and then rolled out flat.

"So what were you doing in the tree anyways? And why are you skipping class?"

"Oh, that… I just like heights, gives me some more freedom. And I'm skipping because I got landed in a course I know all there is to know about."

"Really? Which one?" Kissa asked turning to Shandi in earnest.

Instead of looking back and meeting Kissa's eyes Shandi instead threw her arms back behind her head and stared up at the clear blue sky. "History on war. My dad step dad had a faddish with sending me off to military schools… and that's basically all they ever taught me until I got myself kicked out."

To that Kissa's eyes just bulged out like those of a pug and she stared at her in exasperation, "What did you get kicked out for?!"

"The same thing that got me accepted into here."

"And what's that?"

"You know what, I think I've changed my mind, I'm going to go to class. After all every subject needs a smart ass." After Shandi said this she quickly got up and started to walk off.

By the time Kissa quickly followed and went around the bend to the wired up rocks Shandi was out of sight, there wasn't even evidence to her ever being there.

"I wonder what she is… I can't sense her either…"