In The Real World

I watch you walk away
Knowing there's nothing that can
Change your mind

I watch you bring them pain
Your parents, your friends, those
Who helped you all the time

I hear you've made it big
Doing what you've always wanted
Without them saying 'no'

I hear you're playing at some gig
Your fans, they're all you need
This magazine says so

I read about the crash
How only you survived and how
You're blaming Him

I read about you being brash
Thinking only for yourself, planning
On a desperate whim

I watch it on TV, I hear it on the streets
I read about it in the store
Every week there's something more

Don't you know what you're doing?
Can't you see where you're going?
Do you even understand how life really is?

We won't forget you, despite your fears
We won't abandon you, despite our tears

Come back and grow up
Show us what you're made of
We love you, we always will
But you have to see that still

My hope, my prayer, for you is this:
That you grow in Him, gain spiritual bliss
He's there, always waiting for you to return
I pray, one day, that you feel that yearn
He'll never leave you, nor forsake you
What you learned back then, it's all true

In the Real World, He's there, always
Guarding your back
The least you can do is thank Him for
Fighting off attacks

He loves you far more than
I think you realize
Talk to Him and maybe,
You might be surprised

I hope y'all enjoyed it!