I was staying at my best friend Rachels house while my parents had gone to a cousins wedding for the weekend. It was Saturday night and all my friends had come over to Rachels house, there were two of them Christy and Amanda. Christy was about ''5'6'' with blonde hair and blue eyes, Amanda was about the same height as Chirsty with brown hair that curled at the end , Rachels had hair as black as the night with green eyes. They were beautiful all the guys went crazy over them in school but they all had steady boyfriend who they loved. Unlike me who had never even been kissed. Well let me introduce myself to you I am Caitlyn Brook Daniels. I am 17 and a senior at Madison high school.i have straight blonde hair reaching my back,long i know but i liked it ,i have green eyes and am about ''5'4'' sad i know all my friends are taller then me.

They had decided to go to a club ,accept me ofcourse i was scared we would be tossed out of there.

''How are we supposed to get in,as soon as they know we're 17 they'll kick us out'' i said

''Oh Caitlyn, thats why we have fake id's, here's yours'' Rachel said

''But what if they ask us how old we are''

''Then you lie Caiitlyn, like we do' Amanda said laughing.

So everyone started getting ready i was nervous but i didn't want to spoil there fun so didn't say anything. I went to my bag in the corner of Rachel's room and took out a pair of blue jeans and a grey t-shirt.

''Tell me that's not what you're gonna wear'' Christy said.

''Well i kinda was , why what's wrong with it'' i asked. They looked perfectly ok to me , maybe their was a tear in the t-shirt that i didn't see. I turned the clothes around but didn't see anything.

''Whats wrong is that these are the kind of clothes that ok for school but not a club''

''Well this is all i got , i guess i'm not gonna be coming with you guys then'' i said happily , finally i had a reason not to go

''Oh no, you're not gonna get off that easily, we'll find something for you in Rachel's closet'' Christy said. Oh crap there went my chance. She started rummaging in Rachels closet. A few minutes later I heard an AHA! From her and saw her holding up a black miniskirt and red halter top against her body.

"I found the perfect outfit for you". I looked at with dismay on my face no way was I wearing that I had seen Rachel wear it and it was short my parents and brother would both kill me if they saw me in something like that and I told her so.

"Oh come on Caitlyn it's perfect for you ,you'll look great in it and it will be longer on you than on Rachel trust me and anyways your parents are out of town and your brother is away at college no one's gonna find out" They all agreed with her and forced me to wear it.

Amanda started working o my on my face with make up and Rachel did my hair, when that was done I looked in the mirror. To say the least I was shocked to see my self I looked so different but at the same time the same I could barely see the makeup but could tell the difference. My eyes looked big and my mouth all pounty and I looked a little older than my seventeen years and my hair was all curled and left open.

"You look great" Rachel said and they all agreed and I did too I looked almost pretty.

Everyone was ready and we were finally ready to leave. We reached the club and didn't have any problem getting in but I was still nervous. What if one of the bouncers inside the club noticed us, but nothing happened and I gradually started to relax . I ordered a soft drink and started dancing to the music around our table with my friends.

That's when I saw him enter the club. Even from far away I could see he was handsome, the most handsome guy I had ever seen in my life I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He was about "6'2" with midnight black hair, eyes as blue as the ocean and muscular.

I turned my eyes away I didn't want him to see me staring at him and think I was weird or something. After a while I heard my friends giggling and whispering to each other I turned to see what it was about and saw that they were looking at someone I followed their gaze and saw they were looking at the guy I had been staring at earlier and he was taking a particular interest in our group.

A slow song started playing and i felt someone tap on my shoulder. "May I have this dance". I turned to see who it was and was surprised that it was the same guy I had been staring at. I took his hand and he led me to the dance floor. We didn't say anything for the first half of the song then he asked me what my name was.

"Caitlyn, Caitlyn Daniels".

"Nice to meet to Caitlyn Daniels". He said smiling. "I am Luke Worthings".We didn't say anything after that when the song finished he took me back to my friends and asked for my number, I gave it to him and after that he left.

I went home the next day after my parents came back. I waited by the phone for three days but he didn't call I lost hope and I was filling pretty down. Why would I guy like that be interested in my anyways when he could have any girl he wanted.

But a week later he did call and asked me If wanted to go to the movies with him , I said yes immediately. He picked me up on Friday night from my house in his car.I was nervous as hell I didn't know what to say but he was calm and that made me less nervous.

After the movies we went to get ice cream and started talking. He said that he worked in a computer firm and that he hoped he would own his own company someday, then I asked me what I did. I told him I was interested in literature and wanted to major in it when I went to college.

He became quiet after that and asked me how old I was. I realized my mistake as soon as he asked that, I told him I was seventeen. He became completely quiet after that. He dropped me home said goodbye and left.

He didn't call after that I was miserable I couldn't eat or sleep. I know I had been out with him only once but I missed him.

After three weeks he called I couldn't believe it. We went out to dinner I was so tense, scared to make any wrong move which would make him change his mind. After we finished dinner he sighed I pried my hand open which I had closed into a tight fist and held onto it and gave me a small smile.

He took me home after that and kissed me hard and fast and told me to get out of the car. After every date we went a little further. I think his control finally broke and he took me to his place and we made love. It was my first time and I felt like I had been to heaven and back.

After that we hardly went out and every chance we got we would end up at his place It was a small one bedroom apartment but I didn't mind as long as we were together.

We had been together for about three months, when I started throwing up in the morning and couldn't keep any food down and I had even missed my period I knew what was wrong but I was scared what was I going to tell my parents and especially Luke. What would he say, would he be angry? But I knew I had to tell him no matter what his reaction.

I went to his apartment and knocked, he opened the door a few minutes later wearing only a towel, He had just finished taking a shower. I saw him and could feel my stomach doing flip flops even after three months I still wanted him badly.

As soon as I came in he started kissing me and we ended up making love. I was lying down with my head on his chest.

"Luke I have something to tell you". I was so nervous I was biting my lower lip. I looked up at him and he was looking at me expectantly. I turned away my face and looked anywhere but at him I didn't want to see his face when I told him.

'I…i…I am pregnant"


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