And they say that I keep my eyes too open
For I have acquainted myself so closely with the late hours and watched a gibbous moon wane into the dawn. I have neglected sleep to witness the dissolving sky
And the falling sun.

I have come to keep time in stories, anecdotes and Sundays,
And euphemized independence for loneliness.
I built my walls from secrecy and learned that that even my most intimate thoughts are not infallible. In searching I found little besides more questions whose answers had neglected them and in hope, I discovered heartache.
I have been charmed by the illusion of constancy only to find conditionality, even where it did not belong.
And I have been one familiar with waiting
while I lived my life in twilights and indecision, leaning in too many directions but never ready to take the turn.

I have sought sanctuary in stars, poetry and people
Yet I recognized the greatest treachery
when I could not find it within myself.