I wear a mask that hides my face;

You can't see who I am.

The countenance that fills this space

Is nothing but a scam.

My life is not an open book;

I seem like a nice guy.

But when you take a closer look,

You may see past the lie.

Darkness lies within my heart,

But I don't let it show.

I fear should any find this part,

So I don't let them know.

My heart screams to reveal the truth

And let secrets be unfurled—

A twisted and perverted youth

Revealed to all the world.

But there is one who sees right through

This fraudulent façade,

Looking past the things I do;

My heart is known by God.

His holy light exposes me;

From Him no sin can hide.

Only He can fully see

What truly lies inside.

His power rips the mask away,

His grace and love I ask.

And I keep striving toward the day

When my face will mirror the mask.