Apocalypse/The Silence

Apocalypse/The Silence

The life of man's so violent

His hatred so profound

That the whole world's falling silent;

Tears salt fallow ground.


Man tore up the whole of Gaia

Encased it all in stone

Raised his buildings ever higher

And made the world a tomb.


His roads encrypt the soil

His pollutants shroud the sky

In his quest to lessen toil

He watches Nature die.


Man followed different paths

Under Cross and Moon and Star

But diversity caused a rift

And the rift created war.


An angry voice is crying out

It drives us all apart

It sings the swan song of the soul

The death knell of the heart.


Tolerance is a buzzword

That falls on deafened ears

Love's a message seldom heard

The world's awash with tears.


Man would not understand

His own diverse Mankind

He was uncertain in the heart

Insecure in the mind.


And so he sparked up violence

With cannon, gun and blade

And he bombed the world to silence

His own tomb he has made.


We learned nothing from Chenobyl;

We still used the atom bomb

Man displayed his evil

And now the world is gone.


And here it is, a crater

The cauldron of man's heart

A remnant of his hatred…

Of the world he tore apart.