Special Someone

At first...
I was taut when we passed by each other,
I treat you that seemed like a bother.
I was so shy of uttering just one word,
Indeed, dazed-like a first timer, fluttering bird.
When seeing you, my whole world was filled with inhibitions,
Such inhibitions, that worsen situations.

As time passes...
I realized how much difference you've made to me,
I seek you for relief in times of adversity.
You developed some of my points of view,
And subsided some of my indecent attitudes to.
We have contended with each other, until now,
Yet we know that this conflicts are meaningful somehow.

I hope this piece of thing called love,
Would not evanescently flee just from various crap.
I am confident enough to utter a word,
Indeed, just like a newly sophisticated, fluttering bird.
This whole world filled with inhibitions,
Were mere like superstitions.

I am just reluctant of letting you go.
My Special Someone...