A young man walked down through the sand, every step graceful and even. The sun illuminated his golden hair as he made his way down to the water. Golden skin glistened in the sun, attracting many pairs of surrounding eyes. He was irresistable. 1

A small smile played on his lips as he lazily mulled over his many options. There were so many possiblities, one could never just choose at random. When you had options like he did, you didn't waste them. Unlike most of the males like him, he wouldn't settle for just anyone. Choosing was half the fun.2

His eyes flickered back and forth between a tall brunette and a petite blonde. They were pretty, but neither of them gave off the right feel. He had a very specific taste. Besides, he preferred it when they smelled more like a fruit than a flower. 3

Wrinkling his nose, he waded into the water. He didn't like the way those girl had smelled. Their floral scents just didn't suit him at all. He honestly didn't care what their hair color was as long as they were semi-pretty and had come alone. It was terribly difficult to pick up on them in groups.4

His head snapped to the left when he noticed a pretty little raven-haired girl standing in the water only a few feet away. Damn water. It weakened the lovely smell of raspberries that eminated from pale skin. A playful smirk fell upon his face as he gazed into her honey brown eyes. She would most definitely do.5

Running a 'nervous' hand through his hair, he waded over to the girl with a sheepish smile. As he made his way over, he pretended to be absorbed in watching a volleyball game happening on the sand. He feigned horror as he 'suddenly realized' that he'd bumped into someone. And it happened to be that pretty girl. What a coincidence.6

"I'm so sorry," Gabriel said, his voice as soft as silk.7

He was trying his hardest to actually sound sincere. As good of an actor as he was, sincerity really was a weak point of his.8

"Oh, it's okay," the girl said, turning to look at him.9

He had to hide the triumphant smirk that threatened to cross his face. She was under his intricate spell of beauty and lies. The tiny doe-eyed girl was in the palm of his hands.10

"I'm very sorry to bother you with this, but do you know where the Summer Creek Hotel is? I have a terrible sense of direction," he told her, his expression soft and vulnerable.11

'Like a puppy,' he thought gleefully. How easily fooled those women were. All it took were a few lies and she was playing right into his trap. Of course, she didn't know that. No one did. Well, except him.12

"I'll take you there," she offered, sneaking a peak at his well-defined muscles.13

"Really? Thank you so much!" He exclaimed with fake enthusiasm.14

He hated this part. In each and every single one of his schemes, he had to pretend to be just ever so grateful. Gabriel nearly choked on laughter at the idea of bieng sincerely gracious. In all honesty, he didn't mean a word he said.15

Too bad the raven-haired girl hadn't figured that out. As soon as they were away from the masses, he put the best part of his plan into action.16

"Oh! I think I took a short cut through her!" he said, pointing to a little alleyway.17

He was getting too restless. While he usually enjoyed drawing this part out a while, he was becoming impatient. Damn. Gabriel just hoped she was stupid enough to follow him.18

"Then let's take the short cut," the girl agreed dazedly.19

She was too charmed by his dashing good looks and winning personality to think twice about their path. Okay, so winning personality wasn't exactly the right word combination. A winning group of lies. Now that sounded more like it.20

There didn't have to be a dead end for him to make his move. All it took was one swift, graceful movement and the girl was pinned to the wall. Gazing into her eyes, he smiled a dark, cruel smile.21

"The game's over my little bird," he murmured, pressing his face against her neck.22

It was then that the girl struggled. The spell was broken and all become clear. Fear coursed through her petite frame as she tried to squirm out of his grasp.23

Gabriel merely laughed at the girl's desperate attempt at escape. If he hadn't been so hungry, he probably would have let her run a little longer. The chase was usually the best part.24

Finally allowing the hidden desire to surface, he bared his pure white fangs and ever so softly sank them into the girl's tender flesh.25

No scream echoed through the alley as he finished the job. She hadn't had time; he'd been too hungry. Torturous deceit was too difficult on an empty stomach.

With his body once again filled with the warm, red liquid, Gabriel briskly set off for home.27

"There's a sucker bitten every day," he mused.

While choosing was half the fun, eating was all the fun.