All That I Want

All That I Want

(Verse 1)

I wish we could really talk to each other,

Be open, face-to-face,

But whenever we get together

My head's just a big empty space


I want someone that I can talk to,

To be my confidante,

I want to be able to turn to you

When my world's just not as I want

I want you to hold me whenever I cry,

Tell me the truth when my world is a lie,

Put your arms around me, hold me tight,

Tell me that it's gonna be alright,

Speak to me; tell me these feelings are true,

'Cause forever I want to spend my life with you

(Verse 2)

I hate how we can talk on IM,

We express our true feelings there

But know that I crave a real life love

I feel myself falling into despair


(Verse 3)

People make fun of you for me

And pester me about you

I wish they would stop making me double back

'Cause I know now that these feelings are true

(Chorus x3)

'Cause I know now that these feelings are true,

I'm gonna spend all my life with you