Reflecting on the Life of Death

There's a hole in my soul
As big as the life
That once filled it

People can't stand holes
It reminds them too much
Of the hole you could become

So they try to fill it...
...With flowers
Lots of flowers

...With food
Seven tuna hot dishes
Five buckets of cookies

...And platitudes
The polite niceties of grief
Glossing over their secret relief

The truth is
The hole heals itself...

...With a laugh
Because you had forgotten how

...With sleep,
Because you couldn't for so long

...And help
that's offered without asking

You learn to appreciate
What could be taken from you
And to cherish
What you have

The hole was a soul
That was a part of my life
And now belongs to God

(after my step-brother Chris (1973-1992) died of renal carcinoma--we buried him in his high school graduation suit--I know death is a part of life, but it should just be for older people who have lived a full life)