August 30, 2005

The Five Girls and I

That night, as I stood guard at the entrance, I thought about my predicament. I don't know if you have ever had to take care of someone although you were unable to, but that's what happened to me. I was only a boy of ten who had very few skills, no weapons and no food and I was bound by duty to take care of five girls who had no one to protect them except myself. I had no idea where our next meal would come from, didn't know if we were followed, where the friendly army was or was heading to and didn't know anything about the country side. Yes, I was certainly in a tight fix; but I knew one thing, threw thick and thin, God would stay with us, and I had a feeling that we would make it. I watched the moon rise, then went in to the cave, put the fire out, and went to sleep. In the morning we had a better view of our surroundings. We had slept in a cave which went deep into the mountain. The mouth was covered in ivy which softened the hard, bright light of the sun. I looked at my charges who had fallen so strangely under my care and saw that they were still weak from the near-starvation experience at the fort. "You girls stay here and get comfortable." I told them. "We will stay here as long as possible. You may explore the cave, but don't get lost. I will watch the entrance."

-- -- -- --

Author's Note: I think this is one of my first, longer writings. At least it took up two and a half pages. :) As for the story, it is a nice idea, but I think it needs more depth.