After Taste

The serenity in your voice

Telling me that you care,

The soft touch of your hands

Grasping hold of mine,

The spellbinding feeling of your lips

Pressing against my hair,

The warmth of your arms

When you wrap them around me,

The melody of your whisper

Gently playing in my ear,

The touch of your nose

Rubbing against my cheek

And after all of this

For some reason your kiss

Leaves a dreadful after taste.

Must be the grumble in your throat

When you force yourself to say something sweet,

Or the awkward long pauses you take

To think of something neat,

Or it possibly could be the fact

That you've lead me on for weeks,

I'm not the kind of girl you can play with,

Trust me you'll be regretting this for years.