Just a short story for laughs I've been playing with for a while. These characters have been itching to get out and play for some time now but this is basically just for something easy to read and fun for me.

Let me know what you think. I've gone through it a couple of times to pick up any mistakes but let me know if I've missed anything.

Words: 1,861

Pages: 4


"What are we gonna do?" Matt whined from upside down on the couch. His head was slowly turning as red as his artificially dyed hair as his legs hung over the back of the couch with his striped black and white Emo shirt down around his throat and shoulders. He had a scrunched up, half-finished packet of potato chips resting on his throat and his 'hott' white pilot-goggles had fallen off his head all together.

"Shut up!" Liam and Lynx cried at the same time, Liam throwing a pillow at his friend. Alex just laughed, flicking her black-brown hair out of her face.

"He's right though." She said, rubbing the back of her neck, "We can't just sit around all night again. I'm bored and I want to go out. I don't have class until after lunch tomorrow." She said, shrugging. Matt threw the pillow back at Liam before grinning,

"Me too." He said then frowned, trying to figure out if he'd just made sense or not… probably not.

"Well, what do you want to do?" Lynx asked coolly, his appearance as unruffled as ever. His midnight black hair was perfectly messy and his clothes rumpled and sexy as ever. His face was his normal mask of feigned carelessness but his green eyes shone with apprehension.

Matt and Liam seemed to grin identically at the same time and, without even sharing a look they shouted,

"Dare Night!"

Alex groaned, dropping her hands in her head. She hated these stupid nights… but loved them all the same. It was so embarrassing but moronically fun at the same time. They hadn't had a Dare Night since they'd left high school so, despite her misgivings, she found herself looking forwards to it… just a little.

Dare Night had started in eighth grade when, all alone one weekend, the four of them had come up with the idea. Each person had to think of a dare that another of the four had to undertake. Once the individuals had decided on their dare four cards were given out. Each card then corresponded with one darer and their dare. Someone was chosen to shuffle the cards then place them in a line. Next, a bottle was spun (lame but it had been created when 'spin the bottle' was the 'in' thing) and whoever it landed on was first to pick their card and, subsequently their dare.

A long and scary process but Alex loved it. She'd never heard of anything like it. The only rules were;

Nothing illegal (as in he/she completing the dare will be sent to jail for it)

No sexual favors (this was mostly for Alex's benefit)

If the dare is uncompleted or only partially completed (depending on the circumstances) the darer has the right to assign punishment.

Liam went and searched out an empty Coke bottle and Liam shuffled the cards. Alex sighed and slid off the lounge and onto the floor with a thud. Lynx gave a half a smile, the most he ever gave and dropped to the carpeted floor a little more gracefully.

"Know what your dare is yet, Angel?" he asked, crossing his legs under him and wresting his elbows on his knees. Alex rolled her eyes at his nickname and shrugged,

"I'll figure it out. What about you?" she asked, mimicking his pose. He just smiled in reply and leaned back against the lounge with a knowing smirk.

Liam came back and was watching Matt closely as he dealt out the cards. His sharp blue eyes picking up even the slightest check of cards beneath his blonde spiked hair.

"What?" Matt asked, knowing he was being watched.

"Nothing." Liam replied, pouting, "Just making sure you're not cheating again." He said, dropping down beside Alex and throwing a friendly arm over her shoulder.

"I do not cheat." Matt cried, apparently offended. Lynx raised an eyebrow at the red head and he deflated, "It was once. You gonna hold that against me forever?" he asked, pouting just as much as Liam.

"Yes." Liam said simply, shrugging. Matt sighed and gave up, pulling his card up to his chest and peeking at it. Lynx and Liam did the same, though Liam hid his from Alex who grinned and did the same, hiding it from the six-foot-five giant who was half-draped over her.

Queen of Hearts.

She rolled her eyes at her card- how cheesy.

"I vote Lynx shuffle." Liam cried in Alex's ear. She scowled at him and shoved him off her but handed her card facedown to Lynx any way, as did the others- once Liam sat up straight again, pouting once more.

Lynx shuffled the all of four cards and lined them up in front of him. Liam dropped the bottle in the centre and looked up,

"Who's gonna spin?" he asked, sitting back against the lounge again. Mat pointed instantly to Alex, who rolled her eyes again but smiled, leaning forwards to spin the bottle. Matt and Liam watched the bottle intensely as though their eyes could make it stop where they wanted until it landed on Liam, who yelped and Matt cheered. Going first was more often than not always the worst.

He picked the second card from the right and Lynx turned it over as Liam bit his fingernails.

Jack of Spades.

"Huzzah!" Matt cheered, air punching and pointing at Liam to laugh. The blonde pouted and crossed his arms over his chest as Matt continued to grin and Alex spun the bottle again.

As a part of the game, no one was able to share his or her dare until the last minute. For example, Matt dared Alex, once to eat a whole tub of strawberry ice cream in one sitting- one of the tubs used in the ice-cream parlors. This wasn't divulged until they were standing in front of the store with no way for Alex to back out or run away. So, in tradition sake, no one gave away his or her dare straight away.

The bottle landed on Matt this time, who grinned, still thinking on his dare for Liam and picked the middle card. Lynx nodded slightly and flipped it over.

King of Diamonds.

Lynx looked up at the red head and gave a smirk, to which Matt shuddered in return, Liam slapping his back with a grin. Matt pouted and waved at Alex to hurry up and spin again. This time the bottle landed on the spinner herself and she bit her lip, pointing to the card on the right. Lynx flipped it over.

Ace of Clubs.

She smiled a little, thankful it was not her own card and looked up at Liam, who grinned and tossed an arm over her shoulder, throwing her a wink. She rolled her eyes but grinned at Lynx when he flipped over her card, waving at him to indicate he'd gotten her dare. He looked down at the card and his lips twitched.

Queen of Hearts.

"So, who's first? Anyone have any special time requirements?" Liam asked, bouncing where he sat.

"We have to be ready to go at six-thirty tomorrow morning for Lynx's dare." Alex said then shrugged, "Other than that, nothing for me. Oh, except a little shopping for his… uniform." She said, choking back a laugh before smoothing her face out.

Matt shrugged and Lynx just blinked, raising his shoulder a little way before letting it drop again. Liam clapped his hands together and grinned at Alex. She inched away from him but he caught her around the waist and pulled her onto his lap, his Cheshire-cat grin growing.

"Oi! Nothing sexual." She reminded him, flicking him on the nose.

"Dirty mind, minx." Liam said, laughing, "Who said it was anything sexual… well, it may be, but just a little and depending on what we guys agree on." He told her then pushed her off his lap and stood up. "Get up, let's go. My dare first. My dare first." He sang, jumping around the lounge like a hyper kid on sugar. Alex groaned but got up any way, scowling briefly at Lynx as the corner of his mouth turned up. She walked over to the bench, grabbing her keys and threw them at him,

"You're driving." She told Lynx as he caught them easily, "I am not trusting Tweedle Dum and Schitzo here on the road so I guess Tweedle Dee is the next best option." She grumbled, slipping her shoes on as Liam and, now Matt bounced out the door, ignoring her jibe. Alex rolled her eyes at them with a smile and followed as Lynx locked the door behind them.

She jumped a little when Lynx snuck up and dropped his arm around her shoulders. She heard him laugh softly at her and she elbowed him lightly in the stomach, smiling. She liked it when he laughed, even at her, he didn't do it often enough.

"Dare Night's not that scary, Angel." He told her, pulling her to his side as they walked down the stairs. Liam and Matt were already racing each other down in the elevators. She poked her tongue out at him in reply, making him laugh again as they exited the stairwell and walked through the car park. Matt and Liam were nowhere in sight.

He spun her keys on his finger as they walked. Alex noted the lustful looks their fellow university students (of both sexes) threw Lynx who was, apparently oblivious. She also noticed the daggers they threw at her with their eyes because of Lynx.

They found Matt and Liam perched on the hood of Alex's car, grinning madly at the two as they walked over, wary of their friends.

"What?' Alex asked, knowing Lynx would not, "And get off my car." She added, swiping at them.

"Nothing." Matt chirped, jumping off, followed by Liam. The two stood bouncing on their toes at the back doors as Lynx pressed 'Unlock' on the central locking. Alex went around to the passengers side as Liam and Matt fought about who was getting in first. Eventually everyone was in and Lynx started the car, briefly turning back to boys in the back.

"Where to children?" he asked with a smirk.

"To the mall, James." Liam shouted in his bad English accent, pointing forwards and almost poking Lynx in the eye. Alex rolled her eyes and turned around front, as did Lynx as he started towards the mall.

"Oh good, you can do your dare at the same time, Liam." Matt said with a wicked grin.

"And I can get Lynx-y-poo's uniform." Alex added with a smile at Lynx's scowl. Liam huffed and slouched in his seat,

"I don't like your dares. They aren't funny carrot-top." He grumbled, pouting. Matt just grinned ruffling the blondes' hair annoyingly before settling in to look out the window.

Alex turned on the radio and smiled as 'Kiss Kiss' by Holly Valance came on.

"Dude, how ancient is this song." Matt said, practically reading her mind. Nevertheless, both Liam and Matt sang along with Alex joining in the chorus and the 'Mwah!' bits until they reached their initial destination.