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The pair woke on the couch early that morning, cramped and slightly over-heated but smiling... at least Lex was any way. Lynx was seemingly as impassive as ever. They'd spent the most of their night switching between making-out, eating popcorn and watching movies, though not much of any movie stuck in their minds amidst all the making-out.

Lex sat up and stretched, switching off the television that was still running before risking a look at her couch-partner. Lynx was stretched out across the couch, feet dangling off one end, head propped against the arm-rest of the other. One shoe was off, his hair was mused from sleep and roaming hands and his eyes were heavily hooded though she could tell he was awake, mind already in gear. At some point in the night, he'd tossed his shirt off, displaying his nicely formed abs and chest, leaving Lex to stare for a moment.

She realised she probably looked similarly rumpled but nowhere near as good. Lynx would be able to pull any look off, she decided, a little disgruntled as she tugged a hand through her tangled hair. Life was just unfair sometimes.

Possibly sensing her change in mood, Lynx reached up and slid a hand over her hip, thumb tucking into the waist of her shorts to tug her back down beside him. Before she could sit back up he locked his arms around her, securing her to his chest.

"Where're ya flyin' to so early, Angel?" his voice was thick with sleep and the uncovered Scottish twang usually managed to hide when he was fully awake and functioning. Lex had always secretly liked it and wished he wouldn't cover it up, especially when it was so raw and strong in the mornings.

"Nowhere, it looks like." She grumbled, burying her red face in his chest.

"Right." He growled, voice rumbling low in his chest, humming against her ear to make her smile, "Ah won't let ya run away, 'Lex. You're stuck with me now."

"I was stuck with you before." She reminded him, prodding his side with her finger, looking up at him. Lynx grinned crookedly, leaning down to capture her lips and kiss her slowly, stealing away her breath.

"Not like this you weren't."

She had no choice but to agree... she was stuck. Even if he hadn't been holding her, or touching her at all, Lex realised she would not be going anywhere.

Her romantic epiphany was ruined, however when Lynx frowned and reached down to 'rearrange' himself in his leather pants. Alexa made a disgusted noise and he winked at her, rolling over to la on top of her, pressing his hips into hers.

"You try and sleep in these things, Angel. 'Specially when you're a guy and you've got someone like you, dressed as you are, in your arms."

"I don't think I completely understand your screwed up logic-" his lips interrupted her once again and she wondered if this would become a habit... it could get quite annoying, if she didn't like it so much, "but I think I get the main idea." She grinned when he released her, only to catch her once she'd finished what she had to say... or what he wanted to hear in any case.

Not too much later, Lynx's alarm beeped, signalling his usual waking time of eight o'clock and both couch-participants were well and truly hot and bothered. Lynx was constantly shifting in his leather pants which were becoming increasingly uncomfortable. He groaned at the sound of his alarm, scowling and sat up before stalking into the bedroom to slam his hand down on the off button.

Lex took this opportunity to catch her breath and straighten out her hair and clothes, licking her lips. It had certainly turned out to be an interesting night, in more ways than she could have ever thought. Hearing the growing crowd milling over the campus, Alexa smiled, standing up to go look out the window. The bored-looking students reminded her of the dare Lynx had to yet complete and she grinned, eyes twinkling mischievously.

"What are you thinking?" Lynx growled, padding silently up behind her, arms slipping around her waist. She only grinned wider before answering.

"I was thinking... you haven't finished your dare yet." She reminded him, trying to ignore his lips working over her neck.

"I'm sure we can work some form of punishment out." He purred, nipping at her ear. Lex shook her head, still grinning and stepped out of his arms, snagging a hand as she pulled him towards the door.

"Sorry. Maybe later. You've got a dare to finish first." She announced as she dragged him out the door, heading towards the peak-hour mass of students in only his tight, griping, kinky leather pants.

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