I had to stop and stare at my reflection this morning, because I wasn't entirely sure who was staring back at me. When did the girl I always know turn into the woman I see now? I knew that time marched on, but I had never changed, not in all these years. The same face and those same bright, fierce eyes had gazed back at me forever.

We had survived the social nightmare of high school together, my reflection and I. We had gone off to college, majored in everything, and graduated with nothing, together. We had loved and lost, and even learned to love again. We had watched kids come into this world and grow up without witnessing a single change in me.

I gradually moved from the youngest generation in my family, to someplace in the middle, to now one short step from the top rung. Without even realizing it, I had found my place in life. I had landed exactly where I belonged, and all the pieces fit.

But nothing about that wild child in the mirror had ever changed until today. The longer I looked, the deeper I could see, until I found her again. She was still right there, with that spark in her eyes. Her eyes crinkled a little more when she smiled, and there was a hint more wisdom there. Enough wisdom to put down the scissors and leave those three grey hairs alone. I think I might like them after all.