The Trinity And Xandra Saga

by Shizumi Kurohane

--Episode 1--

The morning sun rose over an acre of trees, through several sliding-glass doors. A loud thump was sounded throughout the two-story house. One person was up, dressed, and leaving her room. One person was twitching from the pedestrian sound. One person rubbed her eyes to relieve the morning grogginess. And one other person was still snoozing away on the floor from having fallen off the bed in the middle of the night, swimming in the sheet.


Trinity strode into the kitchen passing Shadow who was brushing off the dust he had collected from his fall. She passed without a second glace. In the kitchen, she heated the oven and stove to began breakfast. Within ten minutes, all twelve of the residents were either seated comfortably at the large table, or helping her cook. Within twenty minutes everyone was seated. They initiated a semi-cheerful 'Itadakimasu', and began to eat. There were biscuits, eggs, beacon, sausages, pancakes, French toast, cantaloupe, grapes, and hash browns. Butter, syrup (maple and different fruit types), and jams were passed around frequently. Coffee, tea, juice and milk were served as complement.

Talk was minimal. However, breakfast, as always, was delicious and most of the time, their appreciation was in the mmms they voiced instead. Once it was clear that everyone was full and finished, the dishes, cups, silverware, and condiments were taken away to be dealt with. All twelve had something to attend to. Afterwards, they dispersed throughout the house, doing whatever may please them. It was a Saturday. No school, and, for now, no trouble. The twelve were all teenagers between the ages of nineteen and fifteen. Each one of them had their own reasons for being there. This was no ordinary household.

All and all the group was a very close-knit group. They supported one another like a family. Their bonds were deep and lasting. They were the best sorts of family. However, like all families, each one held their own complex secrets, personalities, and feelings. And their bonds were always tested throughout their struggles.

This is their tale.


Around noon, Trinity and Xandra were playing, what seemed to be, the card game 'War'.

" 'Light of Swords, Three of Wands.' Ha! I win!" Xandra proclaimed.

" 'Two of Cups, Page of Pentacles.' Crap…" Trinity said as they each placed another card down.

Xandra had a biker gang look going this morning while Trinity had a battle-ready costume on. Shadow sat down on the floor in between the couch they were sitting on and the coffee table. The TV and video games were behind him.

" 'War' with Tarot cards?" he asked when he noticed the cards being used were not playing cards.

"What of it?" Xandra asked pointedly.

"Why didn't I think of that?" he responded.

Kari came to sit within the vicinity of the small, but apparently growing, group. She had a big bowl of something in her lap.

"Mmm… chocolate!" she exclaimed as she stuffed the milk cocoa down her throat.

Jamez, never being one to miss something sweet, was there in record time, digging in himself. Kari looked shocked at his speed, video game forgotten.

"This is the life…" Trinity said as she leaned back against the couch, taking a break from the Tarot War.

"If only it could last…" Xandra said dryly as though finishing Trinity's sentence.

"Shut up. It'll last long enough," a new voice said. Jamez was reaching for more chocolate and he and Kari were having a finishing battle.

"Of course it'll last!" Niki exclaimed as she sat down on the couch in a new designer outfit, probably from her own line.

Xandra was the one to recognize the voice. "Eternal! When did you wake up?"

"I live in his head, when do you think I woke up?" Eternal replied dryly. "He did land on his head after all…" he mumbled.

Miki walked in the room at that moment. "Must be strange having three people in your head," she said cheerfully.

"Not as strange as you would think," yet another voice replied.

"Hey Lunar, when did you wake up?" Trinity asked in recognition.

"Not early enough…" he sighed.

"I wish I had three people in my head!" Jamez exclaimed.

"No you don't," Lunar retorted.

"If anymore people in this house become schizophrenic, I'm going to call for an exorcist!" Xandra shouted.

Asou entered, then stopped at the sound of the comment, then answered, "No comment."

Niki looked on dumbfounded. "Exorcist?"

"Xandra believes that ghosts haunting the house is the cause," explained Rei, just coming in.

Xandra smiled happily at the mention of ghosts.

Niki looked horrified. "Really?!"

"Of course! Ghosts are everywhere!" Xandra answered happily still.

"She's just messing with your head…" Miki sighed at her twin.

Calix walked in. He looked around and said to Xandra, "When's my li-,"

"Quiet! You don't get a line!" Shadow interjected.

"If I don't get a line, then neither do you!" Calix shouted.

"Look at all these lines I have!" Shadow responded.

"That's because they're too lazy to give me lines!" Calix shouted still.

"Oh yeah? Well I got the opening sequence!" Shadow bickered back.

"Who's 'They'?" Issac muttered. Then he said more loudly, "What's up with them?"

Asou frowned regretfully as Xander came in, sighed and said, "You think that's bad? You should see them on a bad day…"

Calix and Shadow stopped their bickering. Everyone turned to see them. They stared each other down. Then, electric sparks shot between them.

After this show of manliness, James got up and said, "Well, I'm going to train and take of these pounds."

--To Be Continued--