11:11 is the hour of ghosts that float through me every day
but i've been violated before and there are worse things in life
so don't whine, i wish you wouldn't lie
there are blue skies out there and i love them
you're so stupid, you don't know what i could give
if you'd only be what you swear you could
green leaves and the breeze, my nessim, smelling of sand
which is the desert which is purity and candles lit beneath tents of white linen
and arabian nights that knew no end and countless beheadings
for love and passions that burned brighter than all the north stars
that guided all the kings and all the mages to all the saviors that failed
because i'm still sinning here and i don't feel atoned
it is what you taught me and this is my revenge
so you can taste what you've done to others