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WARNING: This chapter contain bloody scenes and violence, and if you can't handle, don't read this chapter.

The Dark Revelation

"We will get on the case, and find out what the screaming was!" A police officer told the residents of the town, Spark Town. It's still night, and the residents had all gotten worried about the screams, fearing that a murder were near. The blue haired teen was in crowd, now dressed in a white long shirt, blue pants, brown shoes, and brown fingerless gloves. On closer inspection he got blue eyes aswell, and seemed to be quite worried.

They are all afraid that the scream came from a murder... Which would then be near this town. Just imagine if a serial killer went to this town... I am pretty sure it comes from the forest over there... He looked over to the forest. He really don't like this. I got a bad feeling about the forest... As if there was something in that forest that could qualify to be everybodys worst nightmare...

He would like to investigate this further. So he is planning on how to do that. His name is Eddy, and though he play alot of video games, he is a big geek when it comes to paranormal research, and he had investigated mysteries like this before. However, he would probably need somekind of weapon to protect himself... Maybe he should use a crowbar like this one silent protagonist from one of his favorite shooters. The crowbar would be handy in self defense.

"Don't worry, we will find out what it is soon enough. Just go and rest. If it is some murderer, we will find out" The officer said, and calmed down the crowd a little "Besides, there will be policemen going around in this town, so you won't have to worry the thing that happened, we will go and check it out. You all stay here" The residents walked away and went back to their homes. Eddy however, didn't want to go and sleep. He wanted to check out this mystery.

He came home and went into his room, but not to sleep. I want to know what it is, and I doubt the police is gonna tell the truth. They will just say that it was some murderer or something, but I doubt any ordinary murderer did that. Did you hear the scream? It was scary, and sounded almost as if it were agony, begging, and cruelty combined in one... I think its like something supernatural... Everyone laughs at my theories about aliens, ghosts, and monsters. But I am gonna learn if I am wrong or not!

Eddy made sure that his family were asleep, and starts his plan. He would make sure not to wake up someone, and grabbed one of his father's many crowbars. There were no school tomorrow, so he wouldn't have to worry about getting tired to school. Now, with his trusty ghost radar, crowbar, and blue goggles with built-in flashlights, he would finally investigate the mystery. He snuck out, trying not to make a noise, and snuck out of the forest.

Eddy went into the dark and quiet forest. It was quiet... Too quiet, wasn't policemen going to investigate? Or did they run away before they had a chance? Eddy is hoping that they are all okay. He looks at his surroundings. Dark, scary, and creepy described his surroundings. He got to solve the mystery as quick as possible. Eddy got further into the forest, and dared a peek through one bush...

Eddy paled at what he just saw. He saw the policemen... Dead. Torn apart, ripped open, bleeding, and shattered. Basically the best way to describe this was bloody corpses with torn skin. Eddy held his mouth as he felt like he had to throw up. He had never expected to see such a brutal scene ever in his life... Personally. He noticed something... There were a big hole with orange shells shattered around it.

Eddy could hear somebody muttering, and saw to his left. There were nothing but a old tree. He walked over to the tree to inspect it, and saw the same police officer curled inside the tree, shaking heavily, and his left arm obscured out of sight. The police officer looks to see Eddy, his expression were that of a combination of shock and horror.

"B-B-B-Bo-bo-boy... You shouldn't have come here..." Was merely what he said "Monsters... Black, monstrous beasts... Attacked... Killed them all... I barely got away... But not without this!" The police officer shows his left arm, it was heavily bleeding and wounded, as if somebody attacked the arm with a axe.

"...Are you serious? Monsters!?"

"...Ye...Yes..." The officer said. Something were heard in the bushes, causing the officer to jump in fright "THEY ARE HERE! Get away! As fast as possible!" He said, curling up into the tree. Eddy took a look at the bushes, quickly grabbing the crowbar. Eddy gulps as he steps back a little, and saw something jump out of the bushes.

A slimy, corpselike, black humanoid stood there. It had long and bloody claws, and a prehensile short tail. The mouth was like that on a worm, and the eyes wasn't visible. It lacked ears and a nose, and had a lanky build. It was slightly taller than Eddy and had a swampish skin. It gave out a screeching roar, and two other of it's kind appears from the bushes. Eddy paled at the sight of these, and his legs began shaking.

...I can't believe it! MONSTERS EXIST!

The one in front leaped at Eddy, trying to slash him with it's right claw. However, Eddy stopped the claw with the ever so useful crowbar, and quickly bashed the monster to the ground with the crowbar. He was quite surprised with himself when he did that. He doesn't train his body alot, yet he is fast and strong. He had never felt this feeling before... What was going on?

Eddy heard one of the monsters running toward him from behind, and quickly rolled out of the way before it managed to ram into him. He stood near a dead tree and watched the monsters carefully. The one that was bashed into the ground got up on it's feet, and walked menacingly toward him alongside the other two monsters.

How do I get rid of these!? If I run back to Spark Town, these will follow... And cause a mass murder on the residents! I got no choice but to stay... But how do I fight these? It's not as if I got somekind of magical power! Eddy thought, swinging a open hand quickly at the three monsters. However, something happened. A small fire appear on the palm, and suddenly flew toward the nearest monster at high speed as a fireball!

The monster was hit, and was now on fire, running frantically. Eddy was completely speechless. WHAT DID JUST HAPPEN!? I got to try that again! Eddy did the same thing again. He swung his open hand, causing yet other fireball to come out. It hits the arm of one of the monsters, causing it to stop in a attempt to put out the fire.


That... WAS AWESOME! I actually created a fireball! I got to shout out the name just like in the anime shows! I will call it... Fire!

The last monster tried to attack Eddy with it's claw, but it missed by a few inches. Eddy swung the crowbar at the final monster in a counterattack.. It's end was bried deeply into where the cranium should be. The monster was silent for a while before letting out a painful roar and began crumbling into dust. It was defeated. Eddy looked to see that the remaining two monsters had put out the fire already.

"FIRE!" Eddy shouted, creating a small fireball that heads for one of the monsters, igniting it on fire. Eddy turned to see the other monster attempting to slash him with it's claw, and with a swift movement, quickly bashed the monster's head with the crowbar. However, he was scratched by the monster and began bleeding a little from where he was slashed, which was his left arm.

"Ugh!" He groaned as he quickly held his arm in pain. The other monster had gotten rid of the fire on it and rams into Eddy, causing him to roll forward "UGH!"

Eddy quickly turns around and swung his arm again. This time however, he swings the arm two times "FIRE! FIRE!" He shouted as the fireballs came in the direction of the two destroyers, setting them on fire again. Ignoring the bleeding arm, Eddy jumps and bashed one of the monsters five times on the head with the crowbar. The monster had it's head broken, and crumbled into dust without a sound.

The last monster got rid of the fire on it, and was apparently enraged. It's speed increased, and it leapt around to attempt one last strike on Eddy. However, Eddy puts the flashlights on the maximum power, which appropriately is named "Use this to blind everyone else" and did exactly what it said on the tin. It blinded the monster, causing it to cease the leaping to rub the hardly visible eyes with the backsides of the claws.

"FIRE FIRE FIRE!" Eddy shouted, throwing three fireballs at the monster. The fireballs did it, causing the monster to burn up. It began screaming as it were burned, before finally beginning to crumble into dust. Eddy looked at the dust, sighing in relief.


"WOAH! Did you just do what I think you did?!"

Eddy looks to see the police officer just at the tree. Eddy looks at him and nodded "Yes... I did what you think you just saw..." The police officer was even more amazed "I... Can't believe it. You..." Eddy looks at the officer as he were waiting for the rest. "You... Threw fireballs from the hand just like Mario my childhood hero!" Eddy sweatdrops at this, even if here was some truth in that.

The police officer looked serious now. He knew that there was something wrong about some kid creating fire from the hand "But this is no time for chitchat. These wasn't the only of them. There's more of them..." Eddy got surprised by this new. There was actually more of these? Seems like he will have a hard time...

"Speaking of... I saw some blue light just to the east before these things killed all of them. I think we should investigate the lights" "Okay. Lead the way"

The two headed out to where the officer saw the light, looking at the creepy forest at the meanwhile.

Finally, they saw a metal box that glows a blue color. This must've be the blue light that the officer saw earlier. Cautious and curious, the two walked closer to the box, to inspect it.

"HI! HEY! HALLO! PLEASED TO MEET YOU! GREETINGS! HOW ARE YOU?" Came a high-pitched voice from behind, causing the two of them to jump in fright. They quickly turned around to see the source of the voice. It came from a green lizard with a pair of wings. It were the size of Eddy and was notable in that one of the hands is clawless, whereas the other hand got a long claw. It were smiling at the two.

"Who are you?" Eddy asked the Lizard. The Lizard smiled at the question "I am Eldrake! That's my name! My name only! I am from Planet X-YUP-X! That means I am from the outer space and is alien to you guys!" The last part surprised the officer.

"Wait- You are a alien!?" The officer asked, which Eldrake nodded to as a answer "Yup! Alien, Alien, Very 100 Percent Alien! Don't worry! I aren't hostile like the aliens in the movies! I am talking about the cheap movies where the producers uses photomanipulation to get filthy rich! Filthy rich!"

That guy talks alot. He must've be hyperactive.

"I am here to warn YOU ALL! I must warn you of something! I need to make sure you get the warning!" Eldrake spoke quickly, "I need to warn you all about the greatest threat of all! The thing that can end your life! The one that can bring the end! The being that is absolutely dangerous! His name... Is Yameth! Odd combination of two names! Though his other name comes from that of a titan!"

Yameth? Sounds like a combination of Yam and Seth... Both names is associated with chaos somehow...

"He brought monsters to this world!"

"Monsters? This kid have beaten some of them! By the use of fire that shot out from his hands like a certain plumber!"

"...Fire? You don't mean... YES! I FOUND ONE OF THE SEVEN HEROES! YES! YEEEESS!! HURRAH!! YEAH!! YIPPY YAY YAY!! HOORAY!! YAHOO!! OPERA!! GOOGLE!! SEARCH!" Eldrake screamed happily, and jumps over to Eddy, while screaming happily.

"You are the reincarnation of Proseginus! That means you were once Proseginus in a earlier life! The Wielder of the Blazing Hammer. You can use magic... Especially fire magic! Fire is heat and light energy released during a chemical reaction! I am pleased to meet the Reincarnation of Proseginus! That means I am happy, overjoyed, and excited!" Eldrake spoke, shaking Eddy's hand with his clawless hand.

Heroes? Reincarnation? Wielder of the Blazing Hammer? Magic? Why does this feel like I am in some badly written fanfiction?

"These monsters... Are destroyers! Have you ever heard of them?" The officer rubs his chin at this "Hmm... Speaking of... I have heard something about a alien invasion... But the government wanted it to be kept hidden from citizens... I think they are called... Destroyers..."


"But... What does they have to do with the hole? It was just suddenly there... And I don't remember any huge hole in that forest..." The officer spoke, wanting to know more.

"The hole? The pit? It used to be where the egg of the dimensional threat stood once! The dimensional threat can destroy everything with a single thought!" "WHAAAAAAAT?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" The officer shouted at Eldrake, grabbed him by the throat, and began shaking him "YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!! THE EGG OF A BEING THAT CAN DESTROY EVERYTHING!?"

"I AM NOT KIDDING! PUT ME DOWN! LET ME GO! RELEASE ME!" Eldrake said, and the officer lets go of Eldrake. "Yameth is his name, though he was called Kreios for a long time... Only now we know his true name. Thanks to his best friend is helping him. I will explain it so you can understand"

"Millennias ago... There was a colossal being that struck terror in everyone. He was called Kreios... He ruled basically everything for a long time... He could warp the reality itself, and thus it made him dangerous... But then seven heroes came. Each with the power of magic. They were unique in that... They were immune to the effects of the reality warping..."

"After a long time, they defeated Kreios, and reduced him to a mere mortal. Everyone was freed of the terror... For a while, because Kreios waited til the heroes died. He made a army of monsters known as destroyers. I believe you have already met some of them. Though he was stripped of most of his power. He had still his brilliant mind and mentality left..."

"However, yet other seven heroes used the power of magic, and confronted Kreios in his base. They defeated him, and to ensure he won't do anything like this again... Destroyed his very mind, destroyed his very sanity, and destroyed his very mentality, making him too insane properly create any monsters. His age was reduced greatly, turning him into... A mere egg. It was teleported into a alternate dimension where time stays completely still, thus making Kreios unable to hatch... Until now. His best friend found a way to bring him back here somehow... And he began to finally hatch. That's where the screams came from. Three unfortunate souls was eaten by Kreios. Or should we call him Yameth now?"

"In order to destroy Yameth to get rid of him once and for all, you must use... The spell of Ultimate End. Which means certain doom on whatever dimension it's used in!" This scared the two "Ul-Ul-Ultimate End!? CERTAIN DOOM ON WHATEVER DIMENSION IT'S USED IN!? That means foolish suicide! Well, I guess it's better than being controlled by a monster that had just hatched, but STILL!" The officer paled in fear at this thought.

"Don't worry! Relax! I know a way! Yameth can't age properly in this dimension... However, there is a chaotic dimension where Yameth can age properly. He is going to be brought there to be able to age properly. You must use the spell of Ultimate End in that dimension! To erase the dimension once and for all! To destroy the dimension with everything in it!" Eldrake explained to the two.

"...I must get to some other dimension in order to fight Yameth? How?" Eddy asked. No human had ever travelled to some other dimension.

"I dunno, no idea, absolutely unsure, I don't know. But you must find some way... Thankfully, the best friend of Yameth can't get him over to the chaotic dimension with some proper magic... Though humans from that dimension is summoned to their course, to fight with them, to fight their enemies... They are Anti Humans"

Anti Humans? Must've be opposite humans... Right?

"Now kiddo. We must find the six other reincarnations. Learn where the other six reincarnations is, help them, get them to help you. You must combine your power with theirs, so that you may challenge Yameth himself. You can tell that they are one of the reincarnations if they can use magic. Easy way isn't it? But first! We must warn everyone! Don't keep it a secret from the poor people! They must be WARNED. I know it will bring upon a panic. But they need to be prepared! To be ready for the enemies! To beware of the Destroyers!!" Eldrake spoke again. Eddy and the officer looks at each other, and nods in agreement. This can't be kept a secret.

However, what they didn't notice was a shadowy figure hiding behind a tree, watching them carefully. It seemed to be holding on a small, blue, seemingly ordinary vase. Well, it seems ordinary, until some red arm comes up from the vase, opening the palm to reveal a eye, scanning until it saw the shadowy figure and seemingly closed in happiness.

"Can we play Hide And Seek please? I want to hide!"