Live your life
Chapter One

Authors note: Well, this is my new story. It's a sequel to "It only takes a minute" and most of the original characters appear, but the main focus is on Charlie and Alex's twins, Keeley and Rhys. Let me know what you think :)

Summary: Keeley had become one of the most popular girls at school seemingly overnight, whilst her brother Rhys seemed invisible to the world. Soon Keeleys grades begin to drop as her life spirals out of control, and when her parents (Alex and Charlie, It only takes a minute) decide to move her to an exclusive boarding school, she finds her life changing for what she sees as the worst. But when she meets the school hunk Austin, she holds back and soon experiences life on the other side of popular.

The car sped down the road, pushing the speed limit to new levels. The teenagers in the car took turns swigging vodka from the bottle whilst the driver leaned over to kiss his girlfriend passionately. There were barely any cars on the road as they sped along, turning up the trance music loud enough to damage their hearing.

"Get a room!" A girl yelled from the backseat, taking a swig from the bottle as the driver turned his attention back to the road. She had long red hair and bright green eyes which were wide by the effect of the alcohol in her system. The boy next to her moved his hand further up her bare thigh, to which she kissed him hotly. The music seemed to blare louder as the car sped past a police car, and the officers were shocked but soon sped to duty.


They were all sent home after being given a warning, and the redhead was the first to be dropped off to her parents, who stood furiously at the front door.

"See you tomorrow, Molly." The other girl said, tucking a blonde lock of hair behind her ear as Molly slammed the door shut. Her parents stood at the door and pushed Molly inside, eager to hear her explaination. She raised a hand half heartedly to Mollys parents, her own parents best friends. Purposefully ignoring her they stepped inside, slamming the door shut without so much as a gesture.

She was dropped off at home about 10 minutes later, and attempted to ignore her parents yells as she stepped inside, pulling off her leather jacket. The yells followed her down the hall and into the kitched, where she tried to get a drink in peace.

"Keeley, look at me when I'm talking to you!" Her mother, Charlotte, exclaimed. She sighed as the kettle boiled, and ignored the feeling of her fathers burning gaze.

"Just leave me alone!" She yelled, turning to face them. Her brother emerged in the kitchen doorway, tying his bathrobe around his waist as she realised she had probably woke him up.

"Don't talk to your mother like that Keeley!We did not raise you to be like this!" Alex yelled at his daughter, his face red with anger. She folded her arms across her chest, accenting her cleavage which was almost falling out of her skimpy top. "I don't want you to see that boy anymore, do you hear me? You are forbidden to see him." He was referring to her boyfriend, Darren, and neither of them appreciated how old he was; he was almost 23, the same age as her older sister, Alice.

"Whatever." She said, pushing past them and glaring at her brother. She ran upstairs, ignoring the protests of her parents as she slammed her bedroom door shut, locking it behind her.

"We have to do something about her, Charlie." Alex said, pulling her into a hug as she held back her tears. The kettle clicked behind them as Rhys helped himself to a drink, acting oblivious to the arguements they had so frequently. "We're sorry Rhys, we know this is nothing to do with you. It's just, Keeley..." She could hear them through the floorboards as she waded through the mess of her room, cigarette trays littered across her floor.

She lay on her bed as the music pounded from the stereo; she knew it would irritate her parents, and her neighbours, especially because it was the weekend. Yells were muffled on the other side of her door, drowned out by the music as she rolled over and tried to sleep.


They tried to talk to her in the morning, as they did every day, yet all she did was push past them and jump in her boyfriends car, much to the protests of her parents. They sat in silence as he drove her to school, and she was glad to see that he hadn't had his car taken away.

"Fancy doing something tonight?" He asked, placing a hand on her leg as they drove at a sensible speed. She looked up at him and smiled, knowing full well what he was thinking. She wasn't very fond of him, at least not as much as he was of her; she was partly dating him to irritate her parents. His hand edged higher, trying to push its way under her skirt as the smile fell off her face.

"Darren, no. Not now." She pushed his hand away and pulled at her black skirt, attempting to salvage some dignity. Keeley turned away from him, trying to hide the fact that she didn't like to be pushed. "See you later." She yelled, jumping out of the car before it had stopped moving as they pulled up outside of the school. She shuffled ahead, hoping he wouldn't call her back; but of course she was wrong.

"Where's my kiss?" He yelled, stepping out the car and catching peoples attention. She tottered back to him, her heels already hurting her feet as she tilted her head upwards. His lips crashed down on hers, his tongue rough as it forced its way into her mouth. Whistles errupted around them as his hands crept up her shirt, fondling her in public.

"No!" She forced, pushing him away firmly as people laughed around her. Rhys walked past her, pretending he didn't know her as Amber, Molly's younger sister and Bradleys daughter, babbled on next to him.

"Oh, was that Keeley?" She asked, twirling a lock of brown hair around her finger. Rhys nodded as he pulled his bag closer to him, attempting to ignore what his sister had become. They entered the courtyard with a few minutes to spare, and opted to sit on a bench to talk. Amber was a year younger than Rhys, but they had always been close, and Rhys had to admit that she had a place in his heart. "Are you okay Rhys?" Amy asked.

"What? Yeah, I'm fine. It's just Keeley, you know, argueing again..."

"Ugh, tell me about it. Molly came home in a cop car yesterday, and mum and dad were totally having a go at her. But then again, she does deserve it." She sighed whilst she looked around her, hoping to find a small group of friends she could talk to; she hated to admit that Rhys was her closest friend.

"I'm worried about them, especially Keeley, she was never like this last year. It's those girls." He said, nodding in the direction of Keeleys friends; she was popular, and one of her best friends was the resident school bitch, Phillipa. She was good looking; she had long platinum hair and bright blue eyes, which were dulled out by her over-accessorising of barbie pink.

"Just forget it, they'll get what's coming to them. Now, theres this party tonight that everyone's going to. Come with me?" She asked flirtily, placing a hand gently on his arm. A blush spread across his cheeks at her touch, and he hated the fact that he was madly in love with her and she didn't know.

"As a date?" He asked suggestively, hoping her answer would be yes. As she nodded and smiled he felt his heart begin to beat faster, ignoring the looks his friends were giving them. He was with Amber everyday, and most people thought they were a couple, much to Rhys' delight. When they went out at the weekends people looked at them admiringly, thinking they were the perfect couple. "Okay, i guess."

"Great! Call for me at eight." She said as the bell rang, and she stood up quickly. "See you tonight." She whispered in his ear before kissing his cheek and departing. His cheek felt like it was burning as his friends whistled, causing him to give them the finger.

"Looks like I'm going to a party tonight." He muttered, before walking into the school and contemplating what to wear.

Authors Note: Well, I know it's short, but it's meant to be :) The next chapter will have more action and will be more detailed and longer, but please review and let me know what you think :)