Live your life
Chapter Two

Both of the twins were getting ready for the party, each spending ages deciding what to wear. Keeley finally opted for her best deep blue jeans and a tight black shirt. She opted to tie her light hair up into two plaits and finally applied her makeup as Rhys dressed in his seperate room. Even though they were twins they couldn't be more opposite - Keeley had always loved dressing up, and Rhys had always preferred to sink into the surroundings. He had chosen his black baggy jeans, even though they had faded in the wash and become a murky grey.

"I can't believe you're going tonight, don't embarass me." Keeley said as she walked into his room, smiling. Their rooms were next to each other and even had a door connecting them; and even though they were complete opposites they were the closest siblings could be. "Do you need a lift?" She asked, masking the fact that it was Darren who would be giving her a lift. Rhys shook his head.

"I'm meeting Amber and we'll walk." He said, pulling on his best jacket as Keeley checked her appearance in his mirror. He appeared over her shoulder as she looked quizically at herself, and it was moments like this that Rhys treasured; it was moments when his sister was truly herself. "Don't worry, you look beautiful." He wrapped his arms around her from behind as she smiled and kissed his cheek softly.

"Come on then, we'd better be off." They pulled out of their embrace and left the room, shouting to their parents that they would be back later. Rhys hated the fact that Keeley was again walking out without their permission; but what could he do? They left the house quickly and Keeley hopped into her boyfriends car, leaving Rhys to his thoughts as he walked the short distance to Ambers. His heart began to pound at the thought of going on a date with Amber; he had never had a proper girlfriend as Amber always took up his mind, and his heart.

"Rhys, hey." Amber said, coming to the door almost immediately after he rang the doorbell. His mouth fell open as he took in her appearance; she wore grey shorts whith black footless tights and a baggy white top. Her usually tied up brown hair was let down in loose curls and she wore more make-up than usual, but it was as if Rhys was noticing her as more than the girl he loved; he was noticing her as his soulmate.

"Wow, you look...beautiful." He said, meaning every word as she blushed at his compliment. She shut the door behind her, hiding the yells between her parents and Molly. They walked together in silence, heading towards the party that would change their fates forever.


As Rhys and Amber arrived he noticed that Keeley was well into the party already; she was playing a game of spin the bottle with some older boys and Darren looked less than pleased as other boys checked her out. Hiding the rage that filled him, Rhys ushered Amber near the bar, hoping they would be able to hear each other over the pounding music. A drink was thrust into Ambers hand and she swallowed it in one go, but soon choked as the vodka burnt her throat. The boy behind her, who Rhys guessed was almost 22, turned to face her, his eyes glittering as he smirked.

"Ew, no! Get off me!" Amber yelled, pushing the creepy guys hands away. Rhys stepped forward, separating Amber and the guy, who soon backed away and went to his friends. Rhys turned to Amber to see that she was shaking, and he wrapped her in his arms. "Thank you, Rhys." She placed her head on his shoulder as he gripped her tightly, savouring the moment.

"Care to dance?" He said, offering his hand to her which she happily accepted. They moved into the middle of the couples dancing together to the slow song, and he took her into his arms once more. Her body automatically moved closer to him as his hand found it way to her waist, following her curves.

"Mmm. This is nice." She murmered, moving her head to his shoulder as he kissed her forehead softly. Across the room he caught Keeleys eye, who was smiling at him proudly and giving him thumbs up as she pushed Darren away. Rhys sighed quietly. "What's wrong?" Amber said, pulling away from the comfort of Rhys' chest.

"It's nothing." He said quickly, but Amber wasn't convinced. "Amber, I..." The words formed in his mouth, but nothing came out as her breath caught in her throat; was he really going to tell her? "I lo-" He was cut off mid sentence by Ambers lips upon his, and his mind whirred with thoughts at her sweet taste. He deepened the kiss, gripping her shirt and pulling her closer as her hands ran through his hair. They broke apart, both breathless as they looked into each others eyes. "I love you, Amber." He had finally said it, and his words made her smile as she looked up the stairs.

"I love you too, Rhys." He smiled and kissed her softly before she walked towards the stairs, dragging him behind her. She fumbled along the dark landing, searching for an empty room.

"Amber, I'm not so sure this is a good idea..." He knew what she was thinking and he craved to be with her, to be in her, but he felt like they were going too fast as she sat on the bed. He shut the door behind him, staying stood away from her in the fear that he wouldn't be able to control himself.

"Rhys, I love you so much. Please." She said, her eyes filling with worry as he edged closer, finally sitting next to her. Her breath came out in short rags as her hands touched his muscular body, the body she had ached to touch for years. They were both nervous; neither of them were exactly experienced and had never had lovers before the other. "Kiss me." She said, pulling him closer to her. His lips descended on hers as her hands fumbled under his shirt, pulling it off him as he undid her bra.

They were soon laying down on the bed, Amber pinned under his body as they discarded their clothes. She gasped in pleasure as they joined, her body shuddering with joy as his lips trailed down her neck. She dug her nails into his back, making him moan her name in pain and pleasure as she bit into his neck. Her legs wrapped round his as her hands followed his muscles, her hands sending warmth shuddering through his body.

"Tell me that you love me." Amber whispered in his ear, to which he quickly replied as their pace quickened. "Oh, god, I love you Rhys." She moaned as his hands cupped her breasts, his kisses moving down her neck and across her shoulders. "I love you..."


Keeley woke up the next morning, still at the party and knowing her parents would certainly be mad. She rolled over, suprised to find out that she had actually fallen asleep in bed, and Darren lay next to her. They were both naked and she cursed at the fact that she hadn't been able to reject him for sex again. She pulled on her clothes quietly, hoping not to wake him as she wondered if Rhys had returned home or stayed the night.

"Asshole." She whispered as she left the room. The light was just peeking though the blinds as people slept; some silently, and some snoring. Rhys and Amber were fast alseep in the next room, tangled in the sheets as Amber lay in his arms. His breath was hot on her ear as she woke up, basking in the moment. He was sleeping softly next to her as she rolled over, placing a hand delicately on his face.

"Oh, sorry." She muttered as he stirred, his deep eyes fluttering open as he smiled at her. "So I guess we..."

"I guess we did." He finished, smiling at her as he tickled her arm gently. She giggled softly and shuffled closer to him, her hair tickling his bare chest as he kissed the crown of her head. His hands roamed her body as she began to moan in pleasure, and she soon returned the favour as she lay atop hom. "Well, this is new." He laughed, his hands placed atop her thighs as she leaned in to kiss him. His hands moved between her legs as she gasped in pleasure, her mind reaching new realms of excitement as he caressed her softly. "We should get going soon..." He whispered, but neither of them made any effort to move as she trailed kisses down his body.


"Where have you been?" His mother yelled as he entered the house just before mid-day. He walked into the living room to see Keeley sat on the down on the sofa with their father, who looked like he had gotten barely any sleep. "Well?" Their mother quizzed. He opted to ignore her, knowing it was wrong as he sat the other side of Keeley who was sat rigidly.

"You think this is bad? Wait until you hear what else they have to say." Keeley whispered in his ear, only loud enough for him to hear. He sat with a puzzled look on his face, his mind filling with dread.

"I can't take this from you both anymore, you're going to drive me to an early grave. First Keeley becomes rebellious, but now it's spreading to you aswell Rhys? We've had enough, that's why we've made a few calls to put you both into boarding school." Keeley groaned in anticipation as Rhys stared in shock; he could understand Keeley, but why him?

"Wait, no, wait..." Rhys couldn't think of what to think, let alone what to say. "Why? What the hell have I done?!" He yelled, standing up abruptly. All of them had a shocked look on their face; afterall, Rhys never interferred with his sisters misjudgings, he usually stood on the sidelines.

"Me and your father have spoken, and we both believe it would be best if you both started afresh." With her final words, Charlotte left the room, hiding the fact that her children were breaking her heart as tears leaked from her eyes.