Mike Walked Off A Cliff

His name was Mike
We hated him so
So we made him fall
So far below
He never showed emotion
Never even cried
So we decided that
Mike was gonna die
And it goes like this-

One day, Mike walked off a cliff and died. Radar was happy because Mike was boring and had no personality. And the Authors hated him. THE END!

Yeah, Mike walked off a cliff!
Mike walked off a cliff!
His character wasn't needed
And he was rather stiff
So we wrote a story and
Walked him off a cliff!
The End!

Kind of an inside joke. My friends and I have this collaboration project, EPSE, and my friend Steph and I decided to kill off a minor character because he really had no apparent personality and he was one of those characters that you really hate writing, so his only purpose was to get killed... :D