Okay, so this is it. I've finally decided to take down BSR, and FS. But, for a few reasons.

First off, I really do want to get published, and leaving my long stories up here would probably end badly somehow, and I'd really rather that not happen. I honestly can say I will stop posting on here. I'm still not sure whether or not to keep PBP up, because of a unnerving issue.

I keep noticing there's been a lot of plagiarism lately. And it's gotten pretty bad. The gall some people have…and it's kinda scary. I mean, all these authors put their hearts into their stories, and someone has the nerve to steal their work. I mean, how sad is that?

But anyways…I guess this might be it for my run on fictionpress. All my readers have been amazing, and you mean the world to me! I know this is short notice and everything, but I'm taking down both versions of BS, but I'm willing to leave the rewrite up until May 24, 2009. No later. FS will be taken down as soon as this note is posted.

But thank you to all my readers and reviewers. You supported me in every way possible. And I'm not totally sure of PBP fate, but it just might be my very last work on here…but I'll keep everyone updated on what I will decide.

Thanks for everything and (hopefully) understanding!