Chapter 8: Paul Blart in Real Life

Jordan disappeared in the sea of people of the mall and all I could do was stand there with my mouth hanging open. I looked behind me at my friends who were staring at me with forlorn looks on their faces. I saw Dom make a move to get up from his chair and I bolted after Jordan.

I didn't really understand why I was all of a sudden in a desperate attempt to find Jordan. All I knew was I didn't want Dom being the one to go and find her. I think it must be because she was my responsibility so I didn't want Dom getting involved.

It couldn't be that hard to find a blind girl in the mall. She had no idea where she was going and needed to find her way through a group of people. I looked through the crowd thinking she couldn't have gotten far. I looked around specifically for curly brown hair and a white cane.

I found her pretty quickly; she had drifted off to the sidewall and was using her hand to figure out which way she was going. I power walked over to her and took a hold of her arm. It wasn't until after I had my hand wrapped around her small forearm did I realize what a mistake that was.

In shock Jordan started to fight me and started screaming, "Let me go! Let me go! Get off me!" She continued to struggle against me causing people to start to stare at us. "Someone help me please! Make him let me go!"

Now that a scene was starting to form, people were crowding around us giving me dirty looks. I tried to ignore them as I attempted to get Jordan's attention and make her be quiet.

"Jordan calm down," I uttered quietly. "It's me, Evan," I think I almost pleaded when I told her my name. I really wanted to crawl in a hole and die right at this moment.

"Excuse me miss," an authoritative voice was heard over the roar of people. When I looked over I realized it was a mall security guard, I wanted to die on the spot. "Is this man bothering you?"

I watched this man pensively. He looked down at the cane in Jordan's hands and could tell that he realized what Jordan was right away. He then looked to my hand that was clenched around her arm in a not very friendly gesture. I let go of her right away and took a step back. Jordan looked my way probably guessing which direction I was in from how I was holding on to her. I couldn't see her eyes because of her dark glasses, but I saw her mouth lift up in an evil smirk. That was the moment I knew I was in trouble.

Jordan turned away from me and looked in the direction of the voice. She took a deep dramatic breath before speaking, "Yes he is bothering me. I was walking down the hall when this man who I don't even know grabbed me so roughly!"

I knew I had to stop her before this got completely out of hand. "That's not true! She's lying to-"

"Let the lady talk!" the security guard screamed at me interrupting my defense.

"Look at my arm for me!" Jordan continued. "It feels really sore, I think he may have caused bruising! But you know I can't see because I am visually impaired."

The last comment from her caused uproar. All around me muttering amongst themselves and I couldn't help but be worried about what I heard.

"Did you hear that?"

"Yeah he was trying to rape a blind girl!"

"She must be telling the truth, look at the cane she has!"

"What a horrible young man!"

"He should be ashamed of himself, taking advantage of a young girl like that."

"They should ban him from the mall, we don't need sexual offenders like him around."

"Agreed, our children hang out here."

I had to tune them out it was getting to be too much to listen too. But then I saw the security guard standing before me; I knew I was in huge trouble.

"I'm going to have to take you with me young man." He said in a monotone voice. I couldn't let him take me away though. He had to give me a chance to explain. He couldn't arrest me after only listening to Jordan.

"Please you have to listen to me! It's not what you think!" I pleaded with him.

He ignored me though and continued to haul me down the hall to the security headquarters. I turned around to look at the thinning crowd of people only to see that Jordan was still standing where we left her staring blankly in the direction I was being pulled. Although I was beyond pissed because I was being reprimanded by security, there was still one thing running through my head.

How was Jordan going to get out of there?

"I'm telling you! I came here with her!" I yelled to the other security guards that were watching over me in the mall's holding cell. "We got in a fight and now she's playing a sick joke to get back at me!"

I heard one of the guards snort as he went through papers on his desk. I also heard one mutter under his breath "Yeah right."

I was furious for being in here. There was a slight chance that I could be banned from the mall and it was all Jordan's fault. I could not for the life of me understand how a girl could be so vindictive. Feeling defeated I walked away from the bars that I had been holding on to and turned my back on the guards and ran my hands through my dark hair. I let out a huge sigh feeling helpless. The guards were obviously going to be on the side of the more sympathetic character, which was the poor unfortunate blind girl.

After a few moment of sulking, a guard cleared his throat by the cell to get my attention. I turned towards him and he was holding my cell phone that they had confiscated from me when they first brought me in. I must have had a confused look on my face because he rolled his eyes at me and started to speak.

"You can make a call to someone to come and get you." He said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. He then proceeded to toss my phone to me and I caught it.

I pressed Bri's number on my speed dial hoping they were all still in the mall. After about three rings Bri picked up.

"Evan?" she said as soon as she picked up. There seemed to be a hope in her voice that it was me calling.

"Yeah Bri it's me," I sighed tiredly into the phone.

"Where are you? We've been looking all over for you and Jordan," I could hear her distaste for Jordan from the way she said her name.

"I'm at mall security," I told her getting straight to the point.

"How the hell did you end up in mall security!" she shrieked into the phone. "What happened Evan?" she continued to scream causing me to pull the phone away from my ear cringing. I could hear the others in the background telling her to calm down and asking her what was going on.

"Bri calm down, this is frustrating enough as it is, but I need you to come down here and get me out," I spoke calmly.

"Is Jordan there with you?" she asked.

I breathed out a sigh of frustration. "No Jordan isn't here with me, she's somewhere in the mall wondering around."

"How come you're in mall security and she's not? Weren't you guys together?" Bri pushed for more details.

I was not in the mood to get into a big explanation while standing in the malls holding cell with security guards that were most likely trying to eavesdrop on my conversation. "Look I'll explain everything later, just come down here and get me out, and tell one of the others to find Jordan and bring her down to security with them."

There was a slight pause and then I finally heard her huff and grunt out an "okay" before she hung up. I snapped my phone shut and let out another tired sigh.

"Someone on their way to get you kid?" one of the guards asked without looking up from his paper work on his desk. I mumbled a yes and we continued our silence in the small room.

It took about ten minutes before Bri, Nathan, and Kara walked into the security office looking for me.

"Hey man, what'd you do to get yourself in this position?" Nathan asked walking over to me right away. Kara stood there not really doing anything, but I could see a hint of worry in her normally cold eyes. Bri was the one who walked over to the guard at the desk to tell him they were there to let me out.

"I'm alright," I told him, "I'll explain later though, is Dom looking for Jordan?" I leaned forward resting my head on bars confining me to the small space.

Nathan nodded the affirmative to me, "Yeah, he volunteered right away to go looking for her. He seemed really worried about her."

"He hardly knows her," I found myself muttering under my breath.

I didn't mean for Nathan to hear me, but I guess he did, "Doesn't matter man, she is pretty cute minus the handicap."

"And completely miserable," I responded. Nathan didn't object to me there and soon after Bri was walking over with the security guard that was sitting at the desk.

The guard opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by Bri. "Evan are you alright? From the moment you told me you were down here I was so worried!"

I stared at her blankly and then turned my attention to the guard who was looking miffed at being interrupted standing behind Bri. "Is there another problem?" I asked curiously. They should have been unlocking the door, not standing in front of me.

"I'm afraid we can't let you out yet," I felt a growl form in my throat at his words. "We need to hear from the young lady from earlier and see if she wants to consider you a threat to the mall. This is a place for the community sir, we can't have people feeling unsafe here."

I clenched fingers tightly around the bar, "What do you mean? Evan isn't a danger to anyone." Bri defended for me. I was really going to have to talk to her about fighting my battles for me.

"What Evan did couldn't have been that bad," Nathan helped Bri defend me.

"He grabbed a young blind girl roughly out of the no where. The girl was very scared and Mr. Cole here would not let go." The guard argued.

There was silence amongst my friends, as the pieces of the puzzle seemed to come together for them. Surprisingly, it was Kara who spoke first.

"Bind girl, could that be Jordan?" she asked no one in particular.

"I'm going to cut the bitch," Bri muttered darkly at her own realization.

"Oh don't be so dramatic Bri." Nathan playfully pushed Bri's shoulder, but the dark look never left her face. "Jordan was pretty mad at Evan earlier, she was probably letting off some steam."

Bri did not seem to want to accept Nathan defending Jordan over myself. I personally didn't think it was either of their business. They shouldn't try to understand the situation or take considering this was something between Jordan and I. I stayed quiet though, not wanting to be included in the spat between friends.

"That's no excuse for letting Evan pretty much get arrested!" Bri continued to shriek.

"He didn't exactly get arrested, mall cops are pretty much cops that couldn't make it in the big leagues. We watched Paul Blart together, remember?" Nathan was at least remaining calm against Bri's hysterics.

The mall cops didn't seem to like his comment though. "Hey show more respect man that! I'm standing right here!"

"Sorry," Nathan said in a deadpan voice.

"Anyways, that's not the point Nathan, the point is, Evan got taken into custody, does not matter that it was in a mall, and it was all because of that whiney little bitch that can't handle the truth!" I sucked in a deep breath at that, which was a little too nasty of a comment for my taste. I was disappointed with Bri at that moment. She hardly knew Jordan and I think she had already prejudged her because of my opinion of her. But the thing was, I didn't even really know what my opinion of Jordan was.

One day she could be an actually pretty cool person to be around. She had a great smile when she actually showed it. Yet other times, and most commonly, she was nasty and unapproachable. I got so many mixed signals that when I thought I had determined my opinion of her, I would do a 180 and change my mind again. My musings were interrupted though, by a new voice in the room.

"It's so nice to know how you really feel about me," the voice spoke in a very deadpan manner. I looked over to the door where it was coming from and I felt a bit of colour drain from my face. There stood Jordan, wearing her dark sunglasses, holding her cane in one hand, and her other arm hooked through Dom's.

Jordan's face didn't show much emotion, but Dom's held one of pure disgust as he looked at Bri. He glared at Bri who seemed to actually show some regret now that she knew she had been caught. "Look Jordan I-"

"Save it," Dom snapped. I didn't understand why Dom was getting so protective of Jordan. He had only met her today. Nathan had called her cute though, maybe Dom was attracted to her looks then. But still, I had been friends with Dominic Marino since kindergarten when we both got a time out for knocking over Sally Mayfield's block castle that she had spent all of playtime constructing. Jordan had known Dom for a little over an hour.

The security guard approached Jordan slowly. "Ma'am we need to know if you consider this young man a danger to everyone in the mall. If you do, then it is possible to have him banned from River Valley Mall for an indefinite period of time."

I held my breath as I waited for Jordan's response. The evil in her seemed to be considering whether or not she should say something or not about me being a threat to those around me, or those shopping in the mall. She was quiet for a good minute and a half just flipping her head from side to side casually in thought every once in a while until she finally said something.

"No I think he's learned his lesson," came the soft reply from the small girl. The guard gave a surprised look her way before nodding his head completely forgetting she could not even see him.

"Fine, I'll let him out," he grabbed his keys and unlocked the cell allowing me to walk out. "I'll get your possessions from the desk for you."

I nodded my head quietly looking at my feet. I did not feel like looking at anyone at the moment. The guard came over quickly handing me my wallet and car keys since he had already given me my phone to call Bri. We all stumbled out of the security office one by one. No one said anything until after we had been walking for about five minutes.

"I cannot believe you! You little bitch!" Bri screamed at Jordan. She had stomped over and started yelling in Jordan's face. The volume seemed to have caught Jordan off guard and she stood there stunned listening to Bri bitch her out. "How could you be so selfish to get Evan thrown in mall security prison? He could have been banned from the mall because of you, you know!"

Nathan came forward and put a hand on Bri's shoulder to attempt to calm her down. "Calm down Bri, not here okay," he said quietly.

"Calm down? How can I calm down? You know what she did to Evan Nathan!" Bri continued on her spree. "Like seriously, does she think just because she's blind she can get away with that kind of shit?"

"Oh Sabrina will you please just shut up?" Kara answered. We all looked over to Kara as she spoke because it never happened that often. She was usually off in her own little world while we were all together. "Yes what happened was wrong, but seriously, Evan started it, I mean he was just plain rude to her in the food court. I think Jordan took it a little too far but do you have to fight Evan's battles for him? God you're not his mother. Just because you have a huge crush on him doesn't mean you can freak out on anyone that does him wrong. He's seventeen years old for God's sake, not five."

Bri stood there stunned with her mouth opening and closing like a fish while everyone else stared at Kara in bewilderment. I was having trouble processing anything past the one thing Kara said "just because you because you have a huge crush on him…just because you have a huge crush on him…" Bri had a crush on me? The idea seemed so bizarre, we were friends, had been for years. I then looked over at Bri to see if there was any confirmation to what had just been said, only to see her now blushing a deep scarlet.

Bri then directed a threatening glare to Kara, "I do not have a crush on Evan! You don't know what you're talking about Kara!" but by the way she got so defensive it was obvious of her true feelings. I had never really thought about Bri in that way. Dating Bri would feel like dating a sister to me. I had never thought of her past friendship.

"Oh quit fooling yourself, everyone except Evan could tell, because he's like the densest person on the planet," Kara rolled her eyes at Bri again. I yelled out a defensive "hey" but Nathan held up his hand to stop me from saying more.

"Don't even bother man, you know it's the truth. You don't clue in on anything." I stayed quiet figuring he was right, I had been told many times throughout the years that I was very dense. I just stood there watching Bri and Kara continue to argue with each other.

The arguing continued until a soft voice interrupted them. "Can I get a word in please?" when we all looked it over we realized it was Jordan that was trying to break up the fight.

Everyone stood there quietly looking at her. I think we all forgot at the time that she couldn't actually see us looking at her to continue. I was about to say something when I saw Dom put a hand on her shoulder comfortingly to tell her silently to continue. I don't really understand why that action really bothered me, but it did.

"Evan I'm sorry for getting you in trouble with security, you just got me really mad, and it seemed like a good idea at the time," her head was facing the floor the whole time. It was either because she was embarrassed or she didn't know which direction I was in so she decided not to look around at all and guess. "I'm really sorry Evan," she said again in her soft voice.

I let out deep breath, "It's okay Jordan, I'm sorry too. I must have really hurt your feelings earlier," I was completely honest too, I was sorry for hurting her.

"You did," she said quietly once again. I think I felt even lower at that moment. She sounded so meek and timid there. I think it was hard for her to admit she had been hurt. The Jordan I had come to know was pretty tough as nails, trying to act like she wasn't handicapped.

"Sorry," I said almost as quiet as she was. "I think it's time we headed out," I told everyone and they all agreed. It had been an emotionally tiring day. I took hold of Jordan's arm and hooked her with mine. "Come on Jordan, let's get you home."

She nodded her consent and let me lead her away. She turned behind her shoulder as we started to walk away. "It was nice meeting you all." She said before we were out of hearing range.

While we were in my car driving back to her house, I was uncomfortable with the silence between us. Even though it was common, today it really seemed to be bothering me. "So did you like meeting my friends?" was my attempt at breaking it.

"Dom's really nice," was all she said. The ride continued to be quiet after that. I couldn't think of anything to say and she obviously didn't want to talk. It seemed to take forever to reach the Westerley driveway. I helped Jordan out and lead her up to her front door and realized Frank was home.

He was sitting at the couch in the living room when we walked in. He smiled his usual smile at us when he noticed us.

"So how was the day out Princess?" he asked Jordan.


Doesn't look like Jordan intends to tell her dad about what happened. I honestly did not think that was going to happen.

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