I open my mouth
And pornographic letters emerge
Pushing their dirty heads through my teeth
Breaking my lips like fine china plates
Bought for a wedding no one went to
Stacked in the corner of a basement waiting
For somebody to make them less pretty

And all these single symbols seem to make words
That fall from my face to my stomach to my knees
And in between
All the places nobody's been before
Nobody real has explored
But my imaginary sounds that don't really exist kiss them
Tug at my creases and bulges and holes
Sucking and hanging from my virgin clothing
Rolling along my edges
Biting off each other's heads
Wanting to win me for their own

After a while the sentences end
And periods slice through the membranes of my voice
Dropping like wet from a bulging cloud
A pregnant silence trying to miscarry
Pushing my words down towards the floor
Breaking on the pavement or lost in the ocean of carpet

Notes from the Author:
Yes, my poem is quite as mundane as my mouth. I have no excuses for my absense, neither do I have an excuse for this absurd poem. But I will try to make up for the time and talent lost in the future. Thank you all.