Hello, lover. Do you miss me
Now that you are getting old?
Now and then you want to kiss me
But you can't. I'm far too cold
To those crimson-hot advances
That I craved so long ago,
To those bloody, lovely dances.
So what changed? Hah! You should know.

You have chuckled to the silence
(I have watched you from the air)
Reliving the acts of violence
That have left your bedside bare.
It's a poor obituary
Whilst I'm standing at your side
To be blithe and bad and merry
With your latest pretty bride.

Now I speak and you can hear me
And your eyes and hair grow white
By and by you start to fear me
Staring on the edge of sight.
Though I do not think I hate you,
Speaking to you in your mind,
If I had to die to sate you
You will not be left behind.