Cici's Journal

Yes, I'm writing a journal. I don't know why I bother- they always get abandoned in the end. I guess I should introduce myself. Or not. Sometimes it's better to be anonymous. That's my theory in school. As long as the teachers don't have to bother with me, no one cares. If my work is "B" quality, as long as I'm not outstanding or a problem, no one cares. Never ask questions, never give answers. That's me.

Public school's good for being anonymous. I'm a sophomore- I've been in public school since kindergarten, and was in daycare before that. I've self-sufficient. I have to be- my parents work and can't be bothered. I started working when I turned 13- I could pass for 16. Don't ask questions, that's my boss's rule. I'm 16 now.

I'm an only child. I behave, I guess- I never do anything to get praise, but I don't break rules either. Don't bother others, and they won't bother you. Silence is golden.

Sometimes, I break my own code. Like when I spoke to that guy today. The one in my honors bio class. The one who sits next to me. The one with the big brown eyes. The one who looks like Orlando Bloom. He spoke to me first, but I didn't have to answer….