The sunlight filtered through the curtains, causing a loud grumble from the boy sleeping next to Layla Smithson.

Layla groaned, and rubbed her eyes. Before she knew it, a wide smile took over her face. She remember everything. The park, the lights. The proposal.

The proposal.

She looked down at her finger, the gorgeous diamond glistening.

She was engaged.

Engaged to the boy who drove her insane, the boy who captured a million hearts, the boy who had secretly stolen hearts when they were just kids. The boy who became a man in front of her, who opened up his heart to her, and who gave her a reason to be as happy as she could ever be.

"Ginger beer, do you have to wake up this early and jump right up? I mean, jesus, most people wake up and close their eyes and go back to sleep. It's not that hard. Just be normal. Go on, try it, it's great. Go back to sleep."

She rolled her eyes.

Let's just highlight the part with the boy who drove her insane.

"Shane, wake up, don't you realize what day this is?"

Shane jumped up. "Is it already our wedding day? Jesus, it feels like I only proposed yesterday. Oh god, was I drunk for the last month?"

"It's not our wedding day, you Canadian buffalo."

"I'm not Canadian."

"But you are a buffalo."

"A buffalo that you love." Shane raised his eyebrows suggestively.

Layla smacked him with a pillow. He was just too lovable for words.

"Look," she started, "I know we haven't told anyone yet and there's a lot going on with our friends and our family life, and everything else. But I want you to know just how happy you make me. You make me feel complete. Like all of a sudden, everything that I've ever done makes sense, because I found you, and you showed me who I really am. I love you. I will always love you. And I can't wait to marry you."

Shane's eyes softened, and he pulled her into a slow, gentle kiss.

"Everything will fall into place. And I can't wait to marry you either." He paused.

"Ginger Beer."

I think everybody here deserved an ending that was long overdue.

I started this story when I was around 14 or 15 and I end it now at 20.

Thank you to everyone for all the love.

- Strawberry-express