There is a big story behind this

There is a big story behind this.
way pissed right now.


a hug.
a simple fucking hug.
his arm wrapped around my body.
my feet lifted a few centimeters off the ground.
(we don't live in china for god's sake)

she waddles her fat cankles towards us.
tells us about complaints.
snaps at me and tells me to drop my attitude.
threatens to call home or detention/suspension.
(hormonal pregnant bitch should bet her facts straight)

and then someone asks what happened.
my tears can't be stopped.
is it too much to ask for a hug?
it must be.
(oh, wait, that's right! detention for a hug.)

a/n: RANT!
My principal is a bitch.
Cankle the calf/ankle area... most people have a defined calf and a defined ankle. She's so fat and gross that they are one and the same on her legs, yet she still feels the need to wear skirts and high heels every fucking day. She looks disturbingly grotesque.
She already called my house once; I think she's so stupid that she's forgotten already.
Seriously. This is bullshit. Anyone agree? I hugged him. Well, he hugged me.
She's the one that's pregnant with her fourth and fifth children (twins). Not me. Hugs don't lead to getting pregnant, okay.
Find me one goddamn person in the U.S. that would be offended by a young couple hugging in a "government building" or public school besides my fucking principal.
Oh, and, it was before school hours.
If the cellphone policy doesn't apply before school hours,
then the PDA rules shouldn't apply either.

Anyone agree with me?