a river of sighs gleam
worn out annoyance
and I shuttle zigzag
through flowers
and empty fields
like my bed, they expect nothing
a back of acceptance
and a kind sheet of love.

summer comes,
smiling through naive waves
of a fresh breath of life
and the sadness grows faint
upon the air

I want to write
about every emotion
that swishes through me
but I am devoid of the right
I am still not a poet
who can describe the softness
endurance and the feasibility
of friendship

I sway
over days, and the quietness
of vulnerability shifts
inside me
aching to get out
or lose control.

Drive through life
and delete unwanted scenes
and put a stop on these
longings that unravel me
and burn these crazy dreams
that sleep in the folds
of my memory

waiting for a miracle
to turn me around,
because I'm due to crash
in the next couple of days.