don't you see it?

can't you see the dark storm clouds looming behind my eyes?

no. you never do. you never did.

don't you think i noticed?

i heard you cry out in the night, like you had something to prove.

some metal song you loved blared behind you, trying to offer up some kind of comfort.

how could you not notice?

everything was all about you anyhow.

the winter air loved your hair, tossing it about as if it were a sea anemone.

(see? your rants about creatures stuck after all)

never again. i can't allow you to steal my heart for a second time.

i thought this was over.

will you ever leave me?

storm clouds.

that's all you stir up in me now.

the rain won't fall. i won't allow it.

let go. please. let go.

forget me.

then the storm clouds can move on and let me be.

i miss the warmth of the sun.

i know i mean nothing to you now anyway.




storm clouds.

that's all i am.

that's all you stir up in me now.