Carpe Nocte

Carpe Nocte
Seize the night,
I'll seize the day.
We'll pull them together at sunset,
And let them pull us together, too.
Show my hands how to follow the music,
So I can play along with yours.
I love the way you understand me.
Some girls hate boys,
But I love the wayh you listen.
I love you more than anything,
Let's escape to the
Dark side of the Moon.
How I love the way you look at me.
No longer a paragon,
It feels good to be dependent.
I'd love to escape into you
And listen to your words for hours.
The smile you paste upon my face
Could outlast our forever.
Shut up and kiss me-
No I didn't stutter.
You're one of many,
But you're my only one.
You could be the one who changes me.
A road divides us, our separate worlds.
I wish we could be just a little closer.
Drag together two sides of our lives,
You Carpe Nocte,
And I'll Carpe Diem.