The Valiant Knight

The night air wrapped around binding him in coldness, the knight rode the countryside upon his horse. The bluish silver light of the full moon was dazzling on the sight the knight beheld. The tree twisted and tangled together in the shadows, the air carried the scent of death and destruction. A raven flew out of the forest and up into the sky, he looked up at the raven, it flew across his view of the moon. It looked like the pale elegant beauty of it was being tainted by darkness.

The castle of Black Raven was in sight, as he got closer to the castle he saw cottages along the road. He reached the castle and the smell of death was ever so strong. He was a brave and valiant knight that was summoned to slay the dragon. Though he was not trained in the art of dragonslaying, he still agreed to slay the dragon for them.

If he were to slay the dragon, the king would have him marry his daughter… a princess.

As he arrived at the front gate of the castle, he dismounted his steed and gripped the hilt of his sword with his right hand.

"Is there someone manning the gate?" the knight asked, as he looked to see if anyone was there. "I Fredrik am here to slay the dragon that plaques your people so."

No one breathed a word but the gate started to slowly rise. He looked at his horse and decided to leave her outside. He tied her to a pole before entering the castle. It was dark and cold in the streets, there was no sign of life… what was going on here? He drew his sword and took his stance.

"Were is your king? Is anyone here?" A strange feeling filled him.

"Here! Were over here!" someone called out, his voice was deep and hoarse.

He walked to the voice with caution; he had no light and knew that something bad was going to happen. Fire erupted at him he dodged it by jumping to the side; he hit the ground he used his shoulder to roll back onto his feet. He was ready to face the dragon that had gone genocide on the people that lived here.

He ran toward the dragon slashing at his legs, he jumped back and cut his throat then he reached for his shield that is on his back. When the dragon shot fire forth from his mouth again, the knight ducked behind his shield. He rose back to his feet and took his stance ready to attack the dragon again. He charged the dragon, the dragon smiled and swung his tail at the knight he jumped over the tail and stabbed the dragon in the heart.

As the dragon fell dying with one last blow… the dragon took the knight's life.