The Burden

The burden starts young; some say it's genetic

It haunts you all your life, for there is no cure

The cause of much internal strife

"Shall I go, or shall I stay?"

"Shall I speakā€”no, it's unsafe."

It is an oppressive cloud

Raining on a silent almost-voice

It's a burden on your tongue

Brought on by unwelcome fears

They won't hear

They'll think you're crazy, they'll ignore you

They won't know who you are

A million thoughts running through your mind

Trampling unsaid words

Crowding you, holding you back, freezing you in place; heart pounding, skin shaking


The moment is over, the chance is lost.

But many more are yet to come

To speak or not to speak,

That is the question.


A/N: This poem may not seem to make a whole lot of sense, but I feel like this a lot.