Faery Tail

Faery Tail

There once was a princess who lived in a tower on a cliff overlooking the seashore. Every day, she would watch the waves beat against the shore, the seagulls fly, and the children from far off villages play in the fields. She watched the seasons come and go, never once leaving her tower, and dreaming of all that lay beyond.

One day, a knight in shining armor rode up on a white horse and called up to the the princess: "Hail, princess, I have journeyed near and far in seek of fame and fortune."

The princess leaned out her window and bade the knight to tell her of the far-off lands where she had never been. The knight told her wondrous tales of palaces and marketplaces and monsters. The princess listened to him for a long time as he told her of his adventures. Finally, she asked, "Brave knight, you have told me of these far away places, but is there any way I could see them for myself?" The knight thought for a moment, then sent up an eagle carrying a small basin.

"Look into the basin and you shall see whatever I see!" he told her. She bade him ride off, so that she may now see these strange lands with her own eyes.

Day and night the princess gazed into the basin and watched as the knight journeyed to the furthest corners of the earth. He visited palaces of gold and fought many brave battles. The princess saw many beautiful things, but also many evil things. Still, she was happy to have seen all these great wonders. Finally, the knight returned.

"Brave knight, you have shown me the sights of these far-off places, but I long to hear the sounds of the foreign languages and the cries of those monsters you have vanquished!" she called. The knight sent her a seagull with a seashell tied to its leg.

"Hold the shell against your ear," he instructed, "and you shall hear what I hear." With that, he rode off.

The princess watched the pictures in her basin and held the shell close to her ear as the knight journeyed. She heard words she had never known before and listened to the songs of distant birds. The days passed, and the knight returned to the princess.

"Brave knight, you have shown me the sights of these far-off lands and I have heard their strange tongues, but I long to touch the silks and feel the hides of all those strange creatures! Oh, how I wish I might touch what you touch!" she said.

The knight considered, then sent up a sparrow with a pair of white gloves. "Put those on," he told her, "and you will touch what I touch." Again, the princess bade him leave.

The princess wore the gloves now as she gazed into the basin and listened to the shell. She was now able to touch the many fabrics and feel the walls of the golden palace. She felt the chill of the icy northern waters and the heat of the burning hot coals in the far south, where people swallowed fire. The knight returned again to the tower by the sea.

"Brave knight," said the princess, "I have seen what you have seen, heard what you have heard, and touched what you have touched, but I long to smell the spices of those far-off lands!" The knight agreed, and sent up a dove carrying a white rose.

"If you smell the rose, you will be able to smell whatever I smell," he told her, and journeyed off again to bring her the smells of the distant lands.

The princess smelled exotic foods and perfumes as the scents of those distant lands traveled back to her tower. The time came again that the knight returned.

"Brave knight," she said, "I have seen what you have seen, heard what you have heard, touched what you have touched, and smelled what you have smelled. Is there no way I may be with you forever?"

The knight told her: "Close your eyes. Think of all that you have seen of me, all that you have heard of me, all that you have touched of me, all that you have smelled of me. Picture me in your mind."

"I can do that," said the princess, closing her eyes.

"So long as you keep that picture of me in your mind," he told her, "we can never be apart."