She walked through the cluttered second hand store. Her footsteps took her to a large pile of music instruments. The store owner watched her approach the pile. Without regard for what might fall, she reached in and examined a cluster of seemingly discarded electric keyboards. Some with worn fabric cases, others bare. Her eyes became bored with these, and she made her way towards something else. An equally disheveled gathering of what, to her eyes, seemed to be guitars in various black cases. The store owner, an older male with sun tanned skin and thin hair, watched her intently. She plucked a particular guitar from the bunch.

This caused a miniature avalanche of guitars and electric keyboards. Another gruff looking male's' attention was capture, though he looked troubled by the mess she'd just made. She didn't seem to notice or care. He walked over and righted a fallen instrument with gentle respect. Expecting to have chosen a fine electric guitar, she was enchanted at unveiling the instrument. She wanted to call it a cello, but that wasn't the name for it. It was an unlaquered, large wooden string instrument. She dropped the case and held the old instrument as you would hold a guitar. Her unsure fingers strummed the strings very slowly in an upward motion. They made soft pink and plunk sounds. The body of the grand wooden piece vibrated with a strong strum. Curiously, she wondered at the sounds. Perhaps it was out of tune. The two men watched the innocence with which she explored the strange item.

Her finger lovingly stroked a string down to the weathered fret. The string let out a whine that belonged to a finely tuned violin. That one string's whine seemed to lull the girl's eyes to sleep. Her fingers hovered over the sound hole, the two males waited, impatiently. Both seemed enchanted beyond consciousness, though none could be as entranced as the young female.
Her fingers plucked out a solemn tune, then the notes began to elongate as she slid her fingers up and down the strings. The song was simple enough, but the eerie beauty of it allowed the music to haunt their minds. Her fingers left the strings alone, the peaceful expression replaced with an enthused excitement.