Midnight Meeting

The smell of her skin
slightly salty in the heat
of a summer's night
filled his senses as she lay
stretched out next to him.

Hazel eyes open
in the darkness around him,
he watched and listened,
the sound of his heart, her breath
all that filled his ears.

Moonlight drifting in,
marking her skin with white pearl
and velvet shadow
tempted his fingers to touch
tracing light's contours.

Exploring fingers -
his- shifted over her hip,
the dip of her waist,
brushing over the peak
of a warm white breast.

Lips met as eyes closed
flavor of her mouth revealed
hidden eagerness
awaiting in the shadows,
taste of loving heat.

Exploring fingers-
hers - shifted over his hip,
danced across his thigh
finding his growing hardness,
soft cascade of fire.

Wet warmth searching out,
mouth and tongue tasting the salt
of hot heated skin,
as her wet heat holds him close
dancing in moonlight
in the tight embrace of love.